Consolidated Bank Ghana Mobile Banking USSD Code 2022


Consolidated Bank Ghana Mobile Banking Code

Consolidated Bank Ghana Mobile Banking Code

The majority of Consolidated Bank customers now send and receive money using the CBG Ghana Mobile Banking Code.


Use your CBG bank account funds safely, quickly, and conveniently with mobile banking from Consolidated Bank Ghana.

The mobile banking pin code for Consolidated Bank is *924#.


You shouldn’t be concerned about the safety of your money. The moment you sign up for the CBG mobile banking code, you will be in complete command of your financial affairs at all times.

The good news is;


By dialing the number *924#, you can do all of your mobile money transactions at any of the Consolidated Bank branches in Ghana.

This means your options aren’t constrained by where you are.

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You can deposit or withdraw money from your mobile money (MoMo) wallet at any of the CBG offices in Ghana.

It’s a really straightforward procedure. To sign up with CBG mobile money, simply dial *924#.

How To Activate Consolidated Bank Ghana Mobile Banking Services

Yes, as previously said, the CBG mobile banking code is *924#. You must, however, register for the service before using the mobile banking platform to conduct transactions.


To register for CBG mobile banking, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to the Consolidated Bank branch closest to you.

2. Get them to open a bank account for you.

3. Check to see if you’ve been signed up for mobile banking.

4. You will receive a message on your phone confirming that your account has been created successfully.

5. On the phone number you used to open the Consolidated bank account, dial *924#.

6. After dialing the CBG short code, you will be presented with three (3) options.

7. Select the first option, “Activate Service.”

8. Select 1 and then press Send.

12. When you’ve double-checked everything, press the SEND button.

13. The account number and phone number you entered will appear on the next screen.

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14. Double-check everything to make sure it’s correct.

15. To accept the terms and conditions, select 1 and then continue.

To return back, type # and press Send.


You can begin utilizing the Consolidated Bank mobile banking service on your phone once everything has gone smoothly.

You can use the CBG mobile banking service by dialing the code *924# after you’ve registered and activated it.


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