DOWNLOAD LYRICS: Blxckie – Plug Call (Freestyle)

DOWNLOAD LYRICS: Blxckie – Plug Call (Freestyle)

Blxckie – Abdullah Flow Freestyle [Redbull 64 Bars]

Blxckie Plug Get in touch with (Freestyle) Mp Mp3Lyrics

The plug kee Mp3calling saying that he received one thing for me and my gang
Bossing up, I went straight to the dollar from rand
International, enjoy my shit loud in Japan
They get in touch with me blxckie the chef, I pulled u Mp3with a whi Mp3and spatula, arm in the pan
Mentioned you widdit, you lied, I pulled u Mp3and you ran
Feeling very good, I took so quite a few photographs with admirers

Pull u Mp3with bros to the bash, it’s heating up
Seem at my wrist and it is freezing up
Recreation was as well soiled, I came with the broom and I clean it up
Jum Mp3in the group and they creasing my dresses

Gentleman almost everything I do gon’ impress a bitch
Contact u Mp3lethabo to set me in rick
I’m much too wavy I get on the phase, virtually slip
I ain’t dancing but I bought my hand my…
Hello Mp3from commencing
I’m the lieutenant
Came with the paint
Modifying the picture
Entire distinctive time
Total different lineage
Designer shades
Shoutout to vinny

Yeah which is bro, that is my cousin
Go towards him and get punished
Came from the muhfuckin gutter
Utilized to set ac’ in my tummy
Versace body on the side of my confront
Walk in the club and these bitches they chase
Arrived a extensive way from the shacks and the jakes
I’ve been stacking the bread, it must occur in a crate

My birthday every day satisfied belated
Every thing litty, I remain celebrating
Alla you pussy ass niggas is lazy
I dro Mp3me a hit and go lacking like brady

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