Lege Miami Biography: Wife, Age, Net Worth

Who is Lege Miami? 

Lege Miami, whose real name is Adams Kehinde (born July 1, 1987), is a veritable polymath in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Actor, musician, media personality, filmmaker, and entrepreneur are all skills that he possesses.

The creative pursuits of Lege Miami comprise an extensive range of accomplishments. In the background, he coordinates enthralling productions that have received praise and captivated viewers.

His exceptional acting skills have garnered him numerous accolades, attesting to his capacity to infuse vitality into an array of characters.

Lege Miami, a consummate artist, adeptly manoeuvres through various roles, thereby making a lasting impact on the Nigerian entertainment sector.

Lege Miami, in addition to his artistic endeavors, actively engages in the realm of entrepreneurship by embarking on diverse business ventures that exemplify his adaptability and determination.

His proactive nature is evident as he ventures into uncharted territories, making a resolute impact on the realm of entrepreneurship. The trajectory of Lege Miami is marked by unwavering determination and an insatiable desire for excellence.

By refining his abilities with every stride, he enthralls spectators and advances himself. His unwavering commitment to his profession maintains him as a major contributor to the Nigerian entertainment sector.

Childhood and Education

Born Kehinde Adams on July 1, 1987, Lege Miami has emerged as an extraordinary figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Lege Miami, a native of the dynamic city of Ilorin in the state of Kwara, has established a notable reputation for his multifaceted skills as an entrepreneur, actor, movie producer, director, and musician.

Lege Miami commenced his trajectory towards achievement in Lagos State, where he completed his primary and secondary education. Amidst this period, his passion for the arts flourished, and he began refining his performing abilities.

His breakthrough performance was in the Yoruba film Omo Shomolu, which propelled him to prominence and endeared him to audiences across the nation.

By engaging in collaborative endeavors with notable industry figures, Lege Miami has had the privilege of producing works featuring Aisha Lawal, Wale Akorede, Mide Martins, Ayobami Oyinkan Ojo, Ronke Oshodi Oke, Yinka Salau, Uche Obi, Jaiye Kuti, Toyin Afolayan, Binta Ayo Mogaji, and Odunlade Adekola, among numerous others.

These collaborations have yielded exceptional cinematic undertakings that have made a lasting impact on the Nigerian film industry.

Furthermore, Lege Miami actively advocates for the significance of education, acknowledging its capacity for profound change.

After successfully completing his own academic studies in Lagos State, he advocates for the pursuit of higher education among young individuals and stresses the importance of knowledge.

By actively participating in educational initiatives, he endeavors to enhance the availability of education in his native state of Kwara, thereby enabling the succeeding generation to realize their utmost capabilities.

Lege Miami Acting Career

Lege Miami
Lege Miami

Lege Miami, an alluring figure in the Yoruba Nollywood film industry, exhibits qualities of intellectual prowess, imaginative aptitude, and magnetic allure. Having amassed an illustrious ten-year career, his outstanding contributions have left an indelible mark. Lege Miami, a filmmaker renowned for his extraordinary abilities, has directed an abundance of enthralling Yoruba films that have captivated audiences worldwide.

Each cinematic masterwork, including the mesmerizing Babeje, the intellectually stimulating Ilu Meje, and the emotionally charged Agidu Okan, exemplifies his artistic prowess and aptitude for narrative construction.

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In addition to his captivating screen presence, Lege Miami possesses exceptional musical talent, as evidenced by a collection of mesmerizing singles featuring his evocative vocals.

Prominent among them are the enchanting “Folashade,” the contagious “Koko,” and the sincere “For You,” which is accompanied by a visually breathtaking music video crafted by the exceptionally skilled Adams Gud.

Lege Miami is also well-known for his social media program, in which he facilitates marriage and relationship connections. As part of the series, he participates in live events alongside individuals seeking companion pairings.

He is engaged in the process of arranging matches for bachelors.

Social Media

Personal life 

A dynamic individual aged 36, experiences unparalleled joy when he is in the company of his cherished spouse, Mrs. Adams.

Their union has resulted in the acquisition of two invaluable possessions: their daughter, Mercy Adams, and their son, David Adams.

Lege Miami, a devout family man, values each instant spent with his spouse and children, fostering their connection through genuine dialogues, shared laughter, and the uncomplicated pleasures of being together.

In this haven of affection and coziness, cherished moments are indelibly intertwined with the fabric of their existence.

Although family continues to be the most important aspect of his life, Lege Miami is also insatiably inquisitive and yearns to discover uncharted territories and become deeply entangled in diverse cultures.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, he undertakes expeditions that rouse his spirit of adventure, wherein he uncovers the splendor and variety of our planet while warmly welcoming the unfamiliar.

In addition to his familial and devoted responsibilities, Lege Miami exhibits a flourishing entrepreneurial spirit.

Driven by an intrinsic zeal for assisting others, he has crafted a trajectory of triumph by providing assistance to ambitious individuals in their quest for excellence.

Those who venture to dream are illuminated by his inherent capacity to uplift and motivate. Aligned with the interests and requirements of his community, Lege Miami generously contributes his time and assets to philanthropic endeavors. He endeavors to effect positive change wherever he goes by providing assistance to those in need and disseminating acts of compassion, through his resolute dedication.


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  • Order From Above
  • Temilorun
  • Jigi
  • Agidu Okan
  • Kolanut
  • Babeje
  • Ipalemo Osun
  • Adanwo Nla
  • Mama Swagger
  • Aseju
  • Olamiotan
  • Omo Shomolu
  • Aago Adiye
  • Dead Wood
  • Agidi Okan
  • Ilu Meje
  • Omo Akinola
  • Broken Love

What is Lege Miami Net Worth

Lege Miami’s considerable wealth is unquestionably attributable to his accomplishments in both acting and music. Lege Miami, a multitalented artist, possesses an approximate net worth of $1.5 million.

Despite his success, he has maintained his modesty and continues to strive diligently for even more elevations in his professional trajectory.

Lege Miami is undoubtedly a formidable figure in the entertainment industry, given his extraordinary ability and unwavering commitment.

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