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Who is Magixx?

Nigerian vocalist and songwriter Adelabu Alexander Adewunmi, better known by his stage name Maggix, was born on September 27, 1999.

His foray into the music industry commenced with an unwavering dedication to artistic manifestation.

Magixx commenced his musical odyssey with an unyielding resolve and a resolute dedication to refining his abilities.

By consistently displaying unwavering commitment and tenacity, he successfully maneuvered through the complexities of the music industry, establishing a distinct position for himself among an abundance of ambitious individuals.

Maggix captivated audiences worldwide with an eclectic blend of poignant lyrics and soulful melodies, garnering acclaim for his emotive performances and innate musicality.

Childhood and Career 


Adelabu Alexander Adewunmi, who was raised in a Christian household but bears Yoruba ancestry, was instilled with reverence for his elders and his cultural heritage by his parents.

Commencing his life in Ogba, Lagos, he immersed himself in the vibrant mainland environment during his formative years, which was awe-inspiring due to its rich tapestry.

During his youth, Adelabu, affectionately referred to as Magixx, demonstrated an immense ardor for music. His musical preferences were diverse, ranging from the spirited tempos of Reggae and Hip-hop to the heartfelt harmonies of Highlife.

Inspired by renowned artists such as Fela Kuti, 2baba, and Shina Peters, Magixx entered the domain of music and composed lyrical masterpieces in the privacy of his bedroom.

His inherent aptitude rapidly flourished, surpassing the limitations of individual manifestation in order to enthrall spectators at academic competitions and community fairs.

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Inspired by the tremendously favorable reception, he made the decision to fully commit himself to his musical endeavors. Magixx, despite harboring an intense enthusiasm for music, originates from a family that places significant value on high-caliber education.

Subsequently, he attended esteemed private establishments for his elementary and secondary education, where he achieved outstanding results on the West African School Certificate examinations.

Following this, Magixx commenced an advanced scholarly endeavor by enrolling at the prestigious University of Lagos with the intention of attaining a degree in Mass Communications.

During his four years of arduous academic pursuits, he maintained a strong presence in the university’s thriving music community, capitalizing on each occasion to exhibit his ingenuity and musical aptitude.

His fervent engagement in numerous events consolidated his standing as a notable individual within the entertainment community of Unilag, resulting in the acquisition of a dedicated following.

Magixx’s rendition of Burna Boy’s “Dangote,” which surfaced on Instagram in April 2019, received extensive recognition and rapidly amassed more than 35,000 views.

His subsequent musical endeavors, which comprised improvisational renditions of well-known songs, served to reinforce his rapidly expanding online presence.

The critical juncture in Magixx’s professional trajectory occurred on September 23, 2021, when the esteemed music executive Don Jazzy announced him as the newest signee to Mavin Records.

Before making his public debut, Magixx completed a rigorous program of instruction at the Mavin Academy, where he refined his abilities under the guidance of seasoned professionals in the field.

“Magixx EP,” his debut album, was released concurrently with his signing; it served as evidence of his artistic development and ingenuity.

The EP, which consisted of five tracks, garnered extensive critical acclaim and dominated the airwaves of television networks, radio stations, and online media platforms across the nation.

A notable composition from the EP, “Love Don’t Cost a Dime,” ascended the charts and captivated listeners with its energizing tempo and sincere sentiments.

The accompanying music video, which showcased Magixx’s visual storytelling prowess and featured fashion model Sonia Kordi, amassed over 8.1k views on YouTube within hours of its release.

Magixx maintained an intimate collaboration with Mavin executives Tega Oghenejobo and Rima Tahini during the pre-release phase of his project, which facilitated a rigorous focus on detail and the preservation of artistic integrity.

Furthermore, he collaborated with esteemed producers including Naked Beatz, Lomon Christopher, Randay, Kenny, and Lex Luther in order to assemble an alluring and sonically varied collection of work.

Magixx, whose artistic style is characterized by a fusion of Afro-pop and Afrobeat elements with R&B components, persistently challenges the limits of ingenuity and novelty within the music sector.

Demonstrating unwavering commitment and a steadfast determination to achieve excellence, he is positioned to make a lasting impact on the international stage by enthralling audiences with his enduring melodies and captivating performances.

Awards and Nominations

Magixx was nominated for the 15th Headies Rookie of the Year award in 2022, in acknowledgment of his rapidly developing craft and artistic contributions.

Despite the nomination serving as evidence of his increasing prominence in the music industry, the gifted singer Fave ultimately prevailed.


  • Love Don’t Cost A Dime
  • Like A Movie
  • Pati
  • Gratitude
  • Motivate Yourself
  • Sinner (Cover)
  • Dangote (Cover)
  • All Over
  • Weekenjoyment
  • Shaye
  • Forever

Social Media

Magixx’s impact transcends the limitations of conventional media, as evidenced by its significant presence across numerous social media platforms.

He has amassed a substantial and devoted Instagram following, with his handle, @iam_magixx, amassing more than 800,000 followers.

By means of compelling content and interactive contributions, Magixx nurtures a flourishing virtual community, facilitating connections with acclaim and followers worldwide.

Personal Life

Notwithstanding his rapid ascent to prominence, Magixx maintains an unwavering dedication to safeguarding the confidentiality of his private life.

Although he occasionally grants his audience access to glimpses of his professional pursuits, he demonstrates a high regard for confidentiality and reverence when it comes to his personal life and relationships.

Magixx Net Worth

Magixx, an emerging figure in the music industry, has achieved both commercial and critical acclaim.

By virtue of his varied project portfolio and endorsements, he has accumulated a fortune in excess of $400,000.

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