Bobrisky Biography: Career, Age. Wiki, Early Life, Wife, Age, Net Worth

Who is Bobrisky? 

Bobrisky is a widely recognized individual in Nigeria, acclaimed for his diverse range of skills and candid support for the LGBTQ+ community. With her accomplishments as an entrepreneur, beauty therapist, fashion model, and internet personality, she has established a distinctive presence in social media and beyond.

Bobrisky amassed significant global recognition by candidly chronicling his gender transition process in an online platform, thereby promoting LGBTQ+ identity acceptance and awareness.

Bobrisky is renowned not only for his advocacy work but also for his forthright and unrepentant manner of addressing forbidden subjects, which includes his personal experiences, including his sexual life.

His controversial lifestyle and outspoken nature, on the other hand, have earned him the disapproval of more traditionalist segments of Nigerian society, including his parents.

Notwithstanding the controversies that have surrounded him, Bobrisky’s narrative provides an intriguing insight into the convergence of notoriety, individuality, and advocacy in modern-day Nigeria.

This comprehensive biography of Bobrisky explores his formative years, path to notoriety, and the myriad of controversies that have beset him, thereby enhancing readers’ comprehension of this divisive individual.

Early Years

Bobrisky was born in Ebute Metta, Lagos, on August 31, 1992. Being brought up in a polygamous Muslim household, his mother was immediately exposed to the complexities of family life.

Although his father was from Ogun State, little is known about the whereabouts of Bobrisky’s biological family. Bobrisky illuminated his family dynamics during an uncommon interview by disclosing that his father had been married three times, the last time being his mother.

In the tangled web of familial connections, Bobrisky discovered his position as the second son out of three siblings. Nevertheless, his family experienced turmoil, which ultimately resulted in the separation of his parents.

In contrast to his elder siblings, who remained with their father, Bobrisky spent his formative years by his mother’s side.

In 2019, Bobrisky, who was born male but later identified as female in public, expressed a preference for using feminine pronouns in response to misgendered remarks he encountered on social media.

Notwithstanding his recently acquired persona, Bobrisky’s connection with his family continues to be shrouded in mystery. Unknown in identity, his mother maintains her residence in Magodo, Ikeja, Lagos, where she is employed in the operation of a provision store.

Despite this, Bobrisky seldom elaborates on his family, which leaves numerous inquiries unresolved.

There is considerable speculation regarding the reason for Bobrisky’s family’s estrangement; some propose that his selected way of life and sense of self are in conflict with their religious convictions, specifically as they pertain to the Muslim faith.

Bobrisky has intriguingly alluded to a possible conversion to Christianity, attributing it to personal factors including stress associated with departing from the religious practices of his family.

As a result of these disclosures, Bobrisky’s narrative surfaces as an intricate fabric of familial relationships, personal decisions, and identity, beckoning for additional investigation into the complexities of his existence.


Bobrisky obtained his O’level certificate from Kings’ College in Lagos State, which was the destination of his academic pursuits.

Subsequently, she enrolled in the esteemed University of Lagos (UNILAG) for her graduate studies in accounting, thereby expanding her horizons and advancing her academic career.



Bobrisky has positioned himself as a formidable entrepreneur, with the sale of skin-lightening products constituting his most notable venture.

Nevertheless, his commercial conglomerate transcends the realm of skincare merchandise, comprising an extensive assortment of products such as timepieces, cosmetics, human hair weaves, and fashionable apparel, among others.

Bobrisky generates income and establishes connections with his audience through his expertise as a beauty therapist and his influence as a social media personality, in addition to his role as a provider of beauty products.

During his collegiate years, Bobrisky exhibited a proclivity for entrepreneurialism by dabbling in a variety of businesses, including the sale of apparel and cosmetics and dance choreography.

She initiated her foray into the realm of social media during this period, enrolling on Snapchat in early 2016 with the intention of endorsing his grooming products and additional merchandise.

In Nigeria, Bobrisky rose to internet celebrity status through his astute utilization of social media, specifically in the months of October and November 2016.

Leveraging his recently acquired notoriety, she debuted in the Nollywood film “Ojuloge Obirin” in 2017, marking her entry into the industry.

His ascent to prominence facilitated more profitable prospects beyond the territorial confines of Nigeria, culminating in a multitude of engagements in the United States.

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Bobrisky leveraged his global allure to tour the United States as an invited guest for a variety of events, including private one-on-one gatherings and club appearances, thereby reinforcing his position as a phenomenon on an international scale.

Personal Life

Bobrisky is currently unmarried, as far as current information is concerned. On July 3, 2023, however, Bobrisky was observed engaging in physical intimacy with a male model on his verified Facebook page, sparking rumors.

She conveyed to her future husband his desire to be a “sweet wife” in a video that was shared on the platform. Bobrisky made it abundantly clear in the same video that she was not romantically involved with the male model, despite their amicable exchange.

Bobrisky photographs, which function as visual documentation of his gradual transformation from male to female, reveal Bobrisky’s passage through this transition.

By means of intermittent online entries, she offers insights into the progressive transformation of his physical appearance, emphasizing the stages traversed during this process.

In pursuit of his feminine aesthetic, the influencer utilizes a diverse range of techniques, which encompass the application of cosmetics, beauty products, and skin-bleaching agents.

Furthermore, she adopts feminine fashion choices and augments his appearance by utilizing human hair extensions, thereby augmenting his overall feminine demeanor.

Bobrisky, in his quest for an ideal feminine form, has candidly admitted to having undergone liposuction procedures in Dubai.

The aforementioned procedures have contributed to the development of his physique, specifically his preferred feminine silhouette.

What is Bobrisky Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Bobrisky is $3 million.

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