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Tyla – To Last

Tyla To Very last Mp Mp3Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Under no circumstances thought you’d be that way
Keeping on to each little error
Just cannot beg for appreciate to remain
In no way imagined you’d be my to start with heartbreak
Do not know what more to say
Spouse and children askin’ “Where on earth you have been?”
Can’t beg for appreciate to keep
My 1st really like is now my initial heartbreak

You hardly ever gave us a possibility
It is like you by no means preferred to past
You never gave us a opportunity
It is like you never wished to very last, to last, to past, to final (To past, to last, to past, to past, to very last, to final, to past, to final)

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 2]
Ripped away a component of me
You left mе here to bleed
It is the way you say “Baby, plеase keep on to me”
Don’t want you to be a memory (Oh)

You by no means gave us a opportunity
It’s like you hardly ever wished to very last (Oh, oh)
You in no way gave us a likelihood
It is like you under no circumstances required to past, to final, to previous

[Instrumental Break]

To last, to final

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