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GodsFavour Chidozie (born March 13, 2000) is an emerging Nigerian vocalist and songwriter better known by his stage name Fave SZN.

She is among the gifted creatives who recognized the prominence of social media and rose to prominence as a result.

She rose to prominence after a verse on a free rhythm produced by Jinmi Abduls became an internet sensation, particularly on Twitter.

The freestyle that went viral and dealt with matters of love was an instant success prior to its official release. It was shared on social media platforms by industry leaders and influential individuals. Her accomplishment earned her a feature in the publication TheNativeMag.

Early Life 


Fave SZN, who was born on March 13 to Nigerian parents, is a member of Generation Z (Gen Z).

Originally from the southeastern region of Nigeria, she has a vision for Igbo youth. GodsFavour Chidozie is a given name with origins in the Igbo ethnic group of Nigeria.

Their parents instilled in her and her siblings a strong Christian worldview; they did not hesitate to advocate for the cause whenever they felt it was right.

During her childhood in southeastern Nigeria, she acquired a substantial repertoire of contemporary and afrobeat music. Prominent figures such as Rihanna, Asa, Nicki Minaj, Tiwa Savage, and Tiwa have been cited by her as influences on her musical approach.

Pre-teen Fave SZN, endowed with a respectable voice and sound, commenced singing in the choir as a means of adoring the Lord and fostering her aptitude. After a few years, she had developed into a competent performer and was already composing music.


During his time as a student at one of the Nigerian colleges, Fave SZN was a productive member of the musical experts’ department who participated in numerous school productions. This experience facilitated her in honing her forte and composing exceptionally captivating music.

At this juncture of her self-improvement journey, she began to gravitate toward free rhythms, guided and empowered by her distinctive sonic identity. Her most optimal approach to afrobeat was through the amalgamation of R&B, pop, and hip hop, which allowed her to develop her own distinctive afrobeat sound.

She had released a few tunes prior to discovering her niche in the realm of social media, one of which was M.O.M.M.S, which she rendered as “Me” or “Mock My Sins.” Despite the song’s meteoric rise on the internet, it failed to garner adequate acclaim at the time due to her restricted fan base.

In order to expand the horizons of others through her “unique sound” power, she initiated the process of digitizing the front covers of popular songs and publishing them online. Precisely as intended, her music was embraced by numerous individuals, and her compositions began to circulate on the internet.

During a period when her sound was still dominant in the music landscape, she composed a song using the free instrumental provided by Nigerian producer Jinmi Abduls. The brief video that she shared on social media became an instantaneous viral sensation. As he played that for his accomplices, they advised her to select the music that he indicated, and she complied.

Her calling, Fave SZN, propelled her to ubiquitous status, particularly on Nigerian social media platforms. Each music enthusiast who encountered her composition became a devotee and began consistently imitating her melodies, which accelerated the development of her sound.

Due to her rapid progression of events, her attention has been diverted away from other Nigerian female vocalists. However, her musical style has earned her recognition among New Generational artists such as Tems, GoodGirl LA, Ayra Starr, and Liya, among others. It is anticipated that she will continue the female musicianic legacy established by legendary artists such as Asa, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, and others.

Prominent figures in the Nigerian entertainment industry, such as Olamide, Don Jazzy, Fireboy DML, and others, have taken notice of Fave SZN and have begun to follow her on Instagram. She is anticipated to become the new Princess of Olamide’s record label, YBNL. Numerous admirers eagerly await Fave SZN’s signing with YBNL on account of the intensifying close relationship between the two teams.

The single Beautifully, which she produced, was published in May 2021. A second success followed the single that established Fave SZN’s reputation in the music industry, potentially elevating her to the status of the most in-demand emerging artist from eastern Nigeria during the month of May 2021.

The undertaking garnered enormous streams, which explains why it was discontinued for such a brief duration.

Admire SZN Unafraid of the prominence that has befallen her, she collaborated with Mainland BlockParty on two singles, namely “Tungba with Nobody But You” and “Your Dal,” which also featured the Nigerian vocalist BOJ. Dimeji has included her on the single titled “Drama.” In addition to Genesys, Valerie, and Olutimi, Skeellz included her on the track Money Heist. In the past, Remilondon had also included her on the track Slow Motion. Also included on the single was a verse by Olutimi.

Social Media 

Social media is no laughing matter for SZN, as it is precisely where she achieved success. More than 12,000 individuals have followed her on Instagram at @faveszn.

Her active Twitter account, @FaveSZN, currently boasts more than 11,000 followers and continues to expand at a rapid rate.

Personal Life 

21 years old and an accomplished Nigerian fast-rising singer, Fave SZN. She is a captivating adolescent who is enthusiastic about Afrobeat music. According to rumors, she is pursing a music career in Lagos, situated in the southwestern region of Nigeria.

Despite the fact that she has a romantic partner, she refrains from sharing his photographs on her social media accounts because she finds it amusing to conceal his personal life.

Due to her rapid ascent to prominence in the Nigerian music industry, she has secured bookings for performances at numerous parody shows, music shows, and celebrations.

Fave Songs 

  • Beautifully
  • N.B.U
  • M.O.M.M.S
  • Dal

Fave’s Net Worth 

It is estimated that the rapidly ascending afrobeat musician Fave SZN, who has achieved considerable success thus far, has amassed a net worth between $10,000 and $100,000.

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