Jemima Osunde Biography: Age, Movies, Net Worth

Who is Jemima Osunde?

Jemima Osunde
Jemima Osunde

Jemima Osunde, a gifted actress, model, and presenter from Nigeria, was born on April 30, 1996. Since gaining recognition for her portrayal of Leila in the critically acclaimed television series Shuga, she has continued to enthrall viewers with her multifaceted abilities.

Early Life and Education 

Jemima Osunde, a native of Edo State, Nigeria, was raised in Lagos with her parents and older siblings during her formative years. During her tenure as a physiotherapy major at the University of Lagos, Jemima unearthed an innate inclination towards the performing arts.

Her interest in the entertainment industry was sparked by her uncle’s encouragement, notwithstanding her dedication to academics.


Jemima, captivated by the notion of animating characters on film, initiated an endeavor to investigate the realm of acting. Her unwavering resolve to achieve academic excellence and pursue her recently discovered artistic ardor drove her down a journey of self-exploration and artistic gratification.

This critical juncture signified the initiation of Jemima’s exploration into the ever-evolving domain of entertainment, where her aptitude and adaptability would swiftly establish an enduring impact.

Jemima attained fame for the first time through her breakthrough performance as Laila on MTV Shuga, a turning point that thrust her into the public eye. Subsequently, her compelling performances in numerous series and films, including NdaniTV’s Rumour Has It and the seventh season of MTV Shuga entitled Alone Together, captivated audiences.

Due to her exceptional performance in The Delivery Boy, she received a prestigious nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, an accolade that was swiftly bestowed in recognition for her aptitude and steadfast commitment to her profession.

In addition to her exceptional acting abilities, Jemima demonstrated her entrepreneurial acumen by co-founding the cosmetics brand “Sanaa Beauty” with Adesua Etomi. This enterprise not only demonstrated her artistic aptitude but also emphasized her dedication to enabling women by means of pioneering and all-encompassing cosmetic remedies. Jemima’s extensive and varied professional path exemplifies her adaptability and determination to make a significant contribution to the entertainment sector and the global community.

Personal Life

Jemima Osunde and her lover
Jemima Osunde and her lover

Jemima adeptly balances her successful professional trajectory with a profound regard for her personal privacy.

In spite of her demanding schedule, she intermittently engages with her followers and divulges fragments of her experiences via social media platforms, thereby providing insights into her journey.


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Famed for her unwavering commitment to her profession and constructive impact on the sector, Jemima’s aptitude and professionalism have earned her the esteem of admirers across the globe.

Notwithstanding her comparatively short tenure in the public eye, Jemima has already garnered recognition for her noteworthy contributions to the entertainment sector.

Nominees for prestigious awards, including Revelation of the Year at the Best of Nollywood Awards and Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, have recognized her talent.


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Jemima Osunde Net Worth 

An estimated net worth of $500,000 has been accumulated by Jemima Osunde as a result of her success as a model, actress, and presenter; this is evidence of her diligence and skill in the entertainment industry.

Jemima’s most recent endeavors and travel experiences are documented on

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