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Lojay’s Biography

Nigerian Lekan Osifeso Jr., a burgeoning Afro-fusion musician, was born on April 28, 1996. Ariel, his debut single, was released in 2019.


The musician, better known by his stage name Lojay, ascended to prominence in the music industry subsequent to his partnership with esteemed producer Sarz on the number-one single Tonongo.


His popular EP, LV N ATTN, on which he collaborated with Wizkid and Sarz, also contains this track.


An emerging musician from Nigeria, he has been extended invitations to participate in a multitude of concerts and events throughout Europe and Africa.


Lojay received a nomination for the Most Promising African Artiste category of the 2021 AFRIMA awards, less than six months after attaining notoriety.

Lojay's profile
Lojay’s profile
Birth Name: Lekan Osofeso Jr.
Birth Date: April 1996
Birth Place: Lagos State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
Record Labels: Metallic Music
Net Worth: $400,000


Where is lojay from?

Lojay was born to the Yoruba lineage of Lekan Osifeso and Mrs. Lekan Osifeso on April 28, 1996.


He was known as Lekan Osifeso Jr., in honor of his father.


He originates from one of the states in southwest Nigeria and is the eldest child of his family.


As the child of devout Christians, his parents ensured that he was brought up in a religious setting. This suggested that he attended church regularly and missed services only rarely.


His devout upbringing contributed to the development of his musical passion. While listening to the various gospel songs that his parents relished playing, he developed an interest in music.


In addition, the fact that he appreciated their films aided in the development of this similarity with Disney music. Furthermore, Lojay was influenced by Wizkid, Bruno Mars, Jon Bellion, and Michael Jackson.


In his leisure time during his senior year of high school, he began composing music lyrics. He performed a selection of these tunes at community shows and school functions, much to the delight of his peers and acquaintances in the neighborhood.


High school, middle school, and elementary school were all attended by Lojay at esteemed private institutions.


He studied abroad in the United Kingdom for his undergraduate degree. In 2018, following four years of study, he was awarded his bachelor’s degree.


Lojay’s Musical Journey, challenges and Rise To Stardom

In 2016, while still an undergraduate, Lojay released his debut album. But it was not until his 2018 graduation year that he resolved to pursue a profession in music. He released his debut single, Ariel, in 2019.


The song propelled him to prominence on the Nigerian music scene, where music enthusiasts and critics alike were captivated by his prowess as a songwriter and distinctive artistic approach.


Midway through 2020, he released an additional track titled Ogogoro, which more closely resembled an Afro-fusion style and set him apart from other emerging artists.


When considering streaming figures, download counts, and chart positions, Ogogoro outperformed Ariel. Its success paved the path for subsequent achievements in the industry.


During the epidemic, Lojay reached out to the legendary producer Sarz to convey his interest in collaborating with him. Following Lojay’s request, the latter extended an invitation for him to visit Sarz’s studio located in Lagos. 


Initially, he and Lojay intended to work together on a single, 

but they engaged in a three-month bootcamp that culminated in the release of the successful EP “LV N ATTN.” Lojay’s formal six-track single is titled “Love And Attention,” which is an abbreviation.


Tongogo, the initial track from the EP, was made available to the public on April 30, 2021. Its instantaneous success propelled Lojay to prominence within the industry. The song ascended to the top of the charts and amassed thousands of streams from Afrobeats music enthusiasts around the globe within days.


Sarz and Lojay released LV N ATTN, their collaborative effort, on June 4, 2021, which was precisely two months subsequent to the debut of Tongogo.


As anticipated, DSPs promoted the initiative, thereby facilitating its exposure to interested supporters. LV N ATTN and Monalisa ascended rapidly to the top of the list of listeners’ favorite tracks from the album.


The music video for “Monalisa,” which gained significant traction as a dance and party success, was made public on September 15, 2021. Lojay was stylized by Sanusucii, and UAX Visuals directed the video.


On “LV N ATTN,” the project’s main single, Wizkid was a featured artist. Lojay asserted that Wizkid was awaiting him in a West London studio subsequent to Sarz’s invitation for the song’s recording.


Lojay has received numerous invitations to perform at music events in Africa and Europe ever since his initial rise to prominence. Moreover, he was recently nominated by AFRIMA for the prestigious Most Promising African Artiste Award. Five months after the release of his debut EP, he received a nomination.


Since his ascent to fame, the number of Lojay’s social media followers has been steadily growing. At present, he boasts a following of more than 120,000 individuals on Instagram.

  • Username on Instagram: @lojaymusic
  • Twitter account is @Lojaymusic.


Lojay’s 26th birthday would have occurred on April 28. Zestful proprietor of a sophisticated condominium and an extravagant automobile, he resides in a prestigious locality of Lagos. At this time, Anthony Egwu is overseeing his supervision.


During his time away from touring, performing at events, and studio recordings, he spends time with his family and close friends. The record label Metallic Music/1789, which is based in Lagos, has reached an agreement to sign Lojay.


Lojay prefers to keep his private life private from the public and media, so his current relationship status is unknown. He has not disclosed a companion despite the fact that he is neither married nor engaged.


Lojay’s songs 

  • Monalisa
  • Tongogo
  • Ariel
  • Along
  • Kele
  • Over The Bar
  • Kuli Kuli


Lojay’s Net worth

Since attaining success as a musician, Lojay has amassed a substantial fortune through his career by generating a consistent income.

The estimated range for Lojay’s net worth is between $100,000 and $300,000.

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