Zinoleesky Biography: Girlfriend, Age, Real Name, Record Label, Net Worth

Who is Zinoleesky?

Born on November 21, 1999, Oniyide Azeez is an innovator in the street pop music industry of Nigeria. Professionally, the gifted performer, songwriter, and rapper goes by the name Zinoleesky.

His rapid internet dissemination of freestyle rap recordings propelled him to prominence in 2017. In 2019, he signed a record contract with Marlian Music and released Chrome, a commercially successful extended play.

Achieving chart-topping singles including “Rocking,” “Gone Far,” “Kilofeshe,” and “Ma Pariwo,” he is considered one of the future guardians of Afrobeats.


Full Name: Oniyide Azeez
Stage Name: Zinoleesky
Born: 21 November 1999 (age 24 years old)
Place of Birth: Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
State Of Origin: Lagos State
Nationality: Nigerian
Height: 1.65 m
Parents: Mr and Mrs Azeez
Siblings: N/A
Wife • Spouse: Not Married
Girlfriend • Partner: Shubomi Fashola
Children: N/A
Occupation: Singer • Songwriter
Net Worth: US$1 million-US$4 million


Early Years

Zinoleesky was born on November 21, 1999, into the Muslim family of Mr. and Mrs. Azeez. Born in the Mainland district of Lagos city, he cultivated his young adulthood in the Agege Local Government Area.

He was given the appellation Oniyide Azeez by his parents eight days following his birth. Early in his life, he was instructed in the Qu’ran, both in its reading and recitation.

He was reared in the Muslim faith. During his adolescence, he had finished perusing every chapter of the sacred text.

Their relationship with music dates back to when Zinoleesky was a young lad. The rhythms of Afrobeats, Highlife, Pop, Juju, and Fuji influenced his upbringing. Additionally, listening to music in these genres inspired Zinoleesky to pursue a career in music.

He began rapping during his adolescent years, penning songs that addressed the difficulties he encountered and the societal ills.

24 years old, Oniyide Azeez, who was previously recognized as Zinoleesky, is a native of Ogun State, Nigeria.


Zinoleesky, an exceptionally talented vocalist, was educated at prestigious public and private institutions in Agege.

He attended Lively Kiddies Nursery and Primary School throughout his elementary school years. The institution issued him his First School Leaving Certificate.

During his secondary school years, he was enrolled in a state-owned institution and achieved commendable results on the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations.

Zinoleesky Musical Career

During his secondary school years, Zinoleesky was an active musician. He gained notoriety for captivating his peers with improvisational rap compositions.

Moreover, he consistently participated in school performances and talent showcases in Lagos.

He resolved to pursue a career in professional music following his high school graduation. He started frequenting local studios in order to have compositions he had composed at home recorded.

He was quickly recognized as a prominent figure in the Agege Music Community and received frequent invitations to perform at citywide events.

For the purpose of advancing his profession, Zinoleesky began to upload and record social media videos of freestyle rap.

Typically, he would perform rap to the instrumentals of popular songs or imitate current country singles.

He was able to gradually amass a social media following due to the fact that numerous enthusiasts of Afrobeats and strept pop music admired his compositions.

Over the course of several weeks, Zinoleesky emerged as a formidable figure in the underground rap community, as the majority of his rap videos achieved viral status and generated substantial engagement on the social media platform Instagram. Rapidly, the youthful Agege artist amassed a substantial fan base.

Finally, fortune favored Zinoleesky, and requests for collaborations from established acts began to pour in. In 2019, he received an offer of a record contract from Davido’s DMW label.

Nonetheless, he declined the offer and opted to pursue a period of self-employment as an artist.

Reaching the pinnacle of the music industry, he secured a record contract with Marlian Music, the label that was established by the late rapper Naira Marley.

Naira Marley informed his followers in December 2019 at the Marlian Fest that he was establishing his own record label. Zinoleesky, Mohbad, C Blvck, and Fabian Blu were among the three artists that he disclosed had been signed to the music imprint.

Since becoming a member of the Marlian Music family, he has documented numerous industry successes.

His collaborations with established and emerging artists have resulted in the release of popular Afrobeats tracks. Yoruba, English, and Pidgin English are among the languages in which he raps.

Zinoleesky established his reputation in the Street Pop scene with the release of Chrome, an EP that was a commercial success.

The Extended Play comprises the party music tracks Kilofeshe, Angeli, Wo Wa Mi, Ma Pariwo, Ni Tori E, and Bullet across its six tracks.

He contributed as a featured artist to the December 2021 release of Don’t Call Me by Lil Kesh. Multiple music rankings have been dominated by the single since its initial release.

In 2022, he released the popular singles Rocking and Gone Far. Ahmed Mosh captured and directed the music video for Rocking. The date of its release was February 18th, 2022.

Zinoleesky, who was an intimate companion of the young and talented rapper Lil Frosh and was well-known for his street-oriented vernacular Firi Yoyo, arrived shortly after the invasion. They were observed demonstrating their abilities in numerous Instagram impromptu posts.

The industry was captivated by the Spiritual Beatz-managed artist at the time due to his effortless cadence and skill in interweaving meaningful lyrics into instrumental tracks.

Although Zinoleesky continued his unrelenting freestyle series, he was followed by Kizz Daniel after, among other things, he pounced on a Kizz Daniel Fvck You cover; this merely proves that Vado also adored the wonder child Zinoleesky.

As soon as Zinoleesky realized this, his talent and effort were elevated, and he was observed to be performing even better.

He once stated that Kizz Daniel and Lil Frosh were his primary inspirations in the industry, and that they drove him to persevere and work diligently.

Awards and Nominations

Zinoleesky received a nomination for the Next Rated Artiste category at The Headies in 2022.

Social Media

Zinoleesky has amassed a substantial social media and offline following. It is well-known that his followers engage actively with his posts.

Presently, he has more than 1.6 million Instagram followers and more than 120 thousand Twitter followers.

  • Instagram handle: @zinoleesky
  • Twitter handle: @zinoleesky01

Personal Life

On November 21st, Zinoleesky, who is of middle-class descent, commemorates his birthday annually. His friends and label supervisor threw him a lavish birthday party in Lagos in 2021.

His label colleagues Mohbad, C Blvck, Lyta, and Fabian Blu are all close acquaintances of his. Lil Frosh and Ibradosky are two rappers who were his boyhood companions.

Since their secondary school days together, the three individuals have sustained one another’s musical aspirations.

As a result of his accomplishments as an A-list artist, the Agege music community regards Zinoleesky as an inspiration.

Additionally, she mentors other aspiring artists in Agege City and other regions of the Lagos mainland.


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Affordably situated in a Lekki apartment complex, he possesses two exotic automobiles.

Zinoleesky is rumored to be romantically involved with Naira Marley’s sibling, Shubomi Fashola. A video of the two individuals kissing surfaced online several months ago.

Mohbad was apprehended by the NDLEA in the company of the singer Zinoleesky, who goes by the aliases “Show Killer” and “Problem Child” for illicit drug possession. After several days in detention following their arrest in February 2022, the artists were granted their release.

Zinoleesky Songs

  • Naira Marley
  • Gone Far
  • Mapariwo
  • Kilofeshe
  • Caro (featuring Naira Marley)
  • Who Knows
  • Won Wa Mi
  • Nitori E
  • Angeli
  • Money
  • Bullet
  • Joromi
  • Popo
  • Life Drama
  • Chrome
  • Angeli
  • Wo Wa Mi
  • Ma Pariwo
  • Ni Tori E
  • Kilofeshe
  • Bullet
  • Don’t Call Me
  • Vanessa
  • Ole
  • Fame
  • Apple
  • Yolo
  • Firi Yoyo
  • Joromi
  • Stay
  • Money
  • Shuga Dadi
  • Who Knows
  • Grit and Lust

What is Zinoleesky Net Worth

Zinoleesky, the Street Popstar, is a prominent figure at music festivals and performances in Europe and Africa. He has amassed a considerable amount of wealth through his music career.

At present, Zinoleesky’s net worth is estimated to range between $1 million and $4 million.

Personal Connections With Lil Frosh And Spiritual Beatz

Zinoleesky and Lil Frosh were discovered and managed by Spiritual Beatz, a well-known rapper, producer, vocalist, and songwriter, at a time when they were still in their infancy.

Thus, their major became spiritual, and Frankey Ley, who was occupied promoting, producing, and exhibiting their talents to the world, was also known as spiritual.

During that period, they were essentially thriving as they awaited the closing of their main deals beyond the Agege vicinity.

The joint freestyles of Zinoleesky and Lil Frosh were both well received by the streets of Agege, which spread the word about them immediately.

AMW and DMW Recording Agreement Dispute

Zinoleesky and Lil Frosh were allegedly courted by AMW and DMW for a record label contract.

AMW is owned by Davido’s personal assistant (PA), Aloma, and DMW is owned by Davido himself, according to widespread internet rumors.

Although the allegations were still in their infancy, the duo’s admirers were ecstatic and extremely content with how far they had progressed with their weapon, music.

A record label offered Lil Frosh and Zinoleesky an agreement worth one million Nigerian nairas in compensation for their musical prowess.

It was reported that Lil Frosh agreed to the terms of the agreement and signed the paperwork immediately thereafter; Davido and Aloma subsequently announced him as their newly signed artist on Instagram.

Surprisingly, information also reached us that Zinoleesky declined the record label contract because he was dissatisfied with the AMW and DMW deals.

The majority of his supporters were dissatisfied with his decision, but they continued to respect it and deduced that the agreement was rejected for some reason.

Zinoleesky resolved to overcome any emotional burdens that may have hindered his progress, persevering despite expending superfluous energy and maintaining a positive attitude.

Deal with Marlian Music Records

Months after AMW and DMW rejected his papers, Zinoleesky and his music enthusiasts received positive news.

Naira Marley, the current rave sensation in Nigeria, inked him to Marlian Records alongside Cblvck, Mohbad, and Fabian Blu.

The December 31, 2019 announcement that Naira Marley had signed Zinoleesky to Marlian Records was a relief for the Zinodicts following their recent heartbreak.

After that, in February 2020, the “Who Knows” singer released his debut official single “Caro” featuring label chief Naira Marley via Marlian Records. Following the release of the single was an excellent visual that continues to generate buzz.

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