Bose Ogulu Biography: Contact, Tribe, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Children

Who is Bose Ogulu?

Bose Ogulu, an educator and Nigerian businesswoman born on November 19, 1967, is also the manager of her son, the self-proclaimed African Giant Burna Boy.

Due to her active participation in her son’s musical career, she has acquired the moniker “Mama Burna.”

Furthermore, she rose to prominence subsequent to being honored with Burna Boy’s accolades at various events, such as the MTV Europe Music accolades, The Headies Award, and the All Africa Music Awards, among others.

The internet was equally captivated by her post-awards speech, during which she declared, “Anticipate further insanity.” This demonstrates that Bose Ogulu is not an ordinary Nigerian mother.

Childhood and Education

Bose Ogulu is the progeny of Benson Idoniye, a seasoned Nigerian radio broadcaster and music critic who gained widespread recognition as the manager of Fela Kuti, a renowned Afrobeat musician.

Since her birth on November 19, 1967, she has is currently 56 years old. She fulfilled the requirements for both a Bachelor of Arts in foreign languages and a Master of Arts in translation at the University of Port Harcourt.


Bose ogulu
Bose ogulu

Her accomplished career as a translator for the Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce was influenced by her academic credentials.

Bose Ogulu, who was fluent in several languages including Yoruba, English, French, German, and Italian, founded and directed the language school Language Bridges, where she coordinated initiatives to educate more than 1,800 young people about cultural awareness.

Prior to her retirement in 2018, the educator was also well-known for instructing French at the University of Education, Port Harcourt, for approximately ten years. 

Bose Ogulu’s professional trajectory was marked by considerable achievement, spanning from his tenure as a language translator for the Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce to his tenure as an educator at the University of Education in Port Harcourt. 

Her numerous academic involvements demonstrate that she places a high value on education.

In a similar vein, her astute educational discernment ensured that her children received an exceptional education, as her renowned son, Damini Ogulu, who portrays “Burna Boy,” attended Corona Secondary School, an institution renowned for its excellence in secondary education within Nigeria.

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Bose Ogulu has also been associated with a managerial profession, as she manages her son Burna Boy, her daughter Nissi Ogulu, who is also interested in music, and her last child, Burna Boy, who resides in the United Kingdom. Until 2014, she oversaw Burna Boy’s musical career.

Since 2017, following a temporary hiatus, she has been performing managerial responsibilities. Additionally, she accepted honors on behalf of Burna Boy at the All Africa Music Awards, The Headies Award, and MTV Europe Music Awards, among others. 

She interrupted her son’s 2019 MTV Awards performance to congratulate him on winning the award for Best African Act.

Moreover, Bose Ogulu represented Burna Boy at the 2018 Sound City MVP Awards Festival, where the artist went on to win four awards, which his mother duly received. Bose Ogulu’s remark, “Anticipate further fury,” during the same occasion, incited an online frenzy.

The empathetic mother has consistently demonstrated her support for her son and frequently assumes his role, as she did during the 2019 Bet Awards in California, United States of America.

As an expression of gratitude for the honor, she advocated for the black race in the United States, stating, “Before you became anything else, you were Africans.” 

Her remarks evoked a standing ovation from the audience and brought to mind the origins of African Americans.

Bose Ogulu is additionally the founder and chief of affairs of Spaceship Collective, the holding company for Burna Boy’s entertainment label, Spaceship Records, and Spaceship Publishing (a publishing house).

Personal Life

Bose Ogulu and Samuel Ogulu, both from Ahoada, Rivers State, were wed in 1991 and have been the proud parents of an approximately thirty-year-old child.

Three children are the result of the union: Burna Boy, Ronami Ogulu, and Nissi Ogulu. Due to the fact that her father was a former presenter and she was born into a family of entertainers, her children developed an interest in the industry in which they are now firmly established.

Does Bose Ogulu identify as a Yoruba woman? The pursuit of answering this persistent inquiry has spanned several decades.

Bose Ogulu is indeed a Yoruba woman, as evidenced by the fact that her name, Bose, is derived from the Yoruba tribe for individuals born on Sundays.

Social Media 

Bose Ogulu maintains an active presence on the Instagram platform under the handle @thenamix, amassing a following of over 96,000. She utilizes her Instagram account to endorse the music of Burna Boy.

The ecstatic mother received a nomination for the 2021 Net Honours Award for Most Searched Person.

Net Worth

Bose Ogulu, a skilled manager who was previously linked to Fela Kuti, has amassed an estimated net worth between $500,000 and $3,000,000.

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