Jaiye Kuti Biography: Husband, Age, Children, Net Worth, Daughter

Who is Jaiye Kuti? 

Born on July 10, 1969, Jaiye Kuti is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished and renowned actresses, producers, and businesswomen in Nigeria. She is the CEO of Jaylex Aesthetic Production, a company that produces films, television series, and videos, in addition to her career as an actress.

It was previously reported on the internet that Jaiye Kuti was in a relationship with the well-known artist Wasiu Alabi Pasuma. The actress subsequently acknowledged their matrimonial union.

This article will teach us a great deal about this renowned actress, including her age, films, family, and career.

Childhood and Education 

Jaiye Kuti was born in Ilaro, Ogun State, on July 10th. Given that she was born in 1969, she is currently 54 years old. The name of her father is Rufus Adisa Oluwale.

Her place of origin is Yewa Ayetoro, Egbado, Ogun state. She commenced her elementary education at Sunshine Primary School; however, she was forced to transfer to Temidire Primary School due to her father’s transfer to NITEL. 

Jaiye Kuti matriculated into Ikorodu High School for her secondary education subsequent to the acquisition of her initial certificate of completion. She was also accepted to pursue secretarial administration at the Ilaro Federal Polytechnic in Ogun State. 

Jaiye Kuti continued her education at the prestigious University of Lagos, where she successfully completed her undergraduate degree in English.


Jaiye Kuti
Jaiye Kuti

Prior to entering the acting industry, Jaiye Kuti held a position in finance. Her mother attempted to dissuade her from pursuing an acting career out of concern that it would have an adverse effect on her. 

She initially intended to become a film producer, but ultimately decided to establish herself as a network performer by appearing in films.


She made her film debut in 2002 in the television series Laff Patterns. It was this series that propelled her to prominence. 

Jaiye Kuti has also appeared on the television programs Face to Face, Everyday People, One Love, and Spiders. Her filmography includes; Si Gbogbo Okunrin, Ogun mi, Ashewo Airport, and numerous others.

Jaiye Kuti, a renowned actress and producer, has expressed her reluctance to perform certain actions during performances. For instance, she disclosed that she is incapable of performing a moist kiss on camera. 

Awards and Nominations 

Jaiye Kuti assumed the position of ambassador at the Lagos State Polytechnic in 2016. It was for her contributions to the Nollywood film industry that she received this honor. 


Personal Life 

Pasuma, also referred to as Wasiu Alabi Odetola, is a notable Fuji musician with whom Jaiye Kuti is wed. 

In an interview, the actress revealed that she first encountered her future husband at a night vigil. She was an extremely devout Christian at the time, and she seldom donned jewelry, pants, or makeup, according to her account. The modifications were implemented in part by her spouse.

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Their two offspring, a girl and a boy, bring them great happiness. Their children have an interest in entertainment, as they are both accomplished pianists and music enthusiasts. 

The actress assisted her mother in balancing her professional and personal life by inviting her to move in with her. She finds this strategy particularly beneficial when she is required to remain at a filming location for a duration of one month. 

In her absence, her spouse, Wasiu Alabi Odetola, is equally considerate and competent in managing the household affairs. 

As per the Google Knowledge Panel, her partner’s name is Lanre Kuti; consequently, she adopts the surname Kuti. Neither she nor Fela Kuti are related.

Two offspring comprise Jaiye Kuti’s marital union: a son and a daughter. The name of her daughter is Anatasia Kuti.

Film Production 

Two films were released on the same day in 2017 by Jaiye Kuti: Oro mi (My Wealth) and Olori Amolege (Queen Amolege).


The film Oro mi was inspired by a tale that a woman had told the director. As per her assertion, the narrative comprised 40% of the film, with the remaining 20% being fabricated. 


Oro Mi is the story of a mother who was the murder target of her three daughters. Nonetheless, it was by God’s design that she escaped certain destruction. 


Despite not having been released in theaters, these films sold out rapidly. Additionally, the actress disclosed when her upcoming film would be released in theaters. 


She asserts that the film is an epic concerning the heritage and culture of Nigeria. The film depicts the coexistence of the Yoruba and Igbo cultures by fusing them.


Jaiye Kuti responded that the remuneration for her acting career is greater in serial operas compared to movies. She can earn a maximum of one million ko per month from a serial opera and between 600,000 and 700,000 ko per film.

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Net Worth

An approximated half-million dollars is Jaiye Kuti’s net worth as a result of her production and acting careers.

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