Brymo Biography and Net Worth

Who is Brymo?

Brymo, who currently possesses a net worth of $3.5 million and is the son of a carpenter and a petty trader, attributes his precipitous rise to fame to his mother, who was the initial individual who motivated him to compose music.

His mother, according to the singer, adores Fuji tunes just as much as she adores him and was exceptionally skilled at singing them with elation.


Nigerian author, producer, vocalist, and songwriter Brymo Ashimi, born 9 May 1986, is a creative individual whose given name is Olawale lfr.

Brymo is regarded as one of the Nigerian performers whose lyricism and motivational delivery are praised.

Beginning to sing at age 14, he composed his first song at age 18. Additionally, he published a work of fiction entitled Oriri’s Plight.

Brymo rose to prominence in Nigeria following his 2010 engagement with Chocolate City Entertainment.

Additionally, he appeared on Ice Prince’s Oleku single. His hook on Oleku has been regarded as one of the finest rap melodies ever performed by a Nigerian artist.

The Ara single, which propelled Brymo to prominence, was honored with the prestigious Recording of the Year honor at the Hip Hop World Awards in 2012.

Early Life 

Brymo was born in Okokomaiko, Lagos, Nigeria, on May 9, 1986, as an only child. His mother was a modest trader from Egun, whereas his father was an Awori carpenter.

By attending an Islamic school, Brymo acquired the ability to recite the complete Holy Quran.

Brymo Career


Brymo initially embarked on his musical journey in 1999 while still in secondary school, when he released his debut single titled “Future.”

Following his mother’s rendition of Fuji melodies, he was motivated to pursue a career in music. His friends and he established the band The Aliens in 2002.

On the contrary, The Aliens ceased to exist in 2005 due to a succession of complications. He subsequently pursued a solo career without entering into a record deal.

In 2010, Brymo rose to prominence following her appearance on the hit single Oleku, which was included on Ice Prince’s debut studio album, Everybody Loves Ice Prince.

Brymo’s Academic Background

Following his enrollment at Aganju Aka Primary School, he transitioned to Japual Primary School. Following his transition, he graduated from Ajangbadi High School in Ajangbadi, Lagos, in 2003.


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Despite this, Brymo attended Lagos State University to study zoology before deciding to pursue a career in music.w

Personal life and marital status of Brymo 

Brymo, an inventive Nigerian author, producer, vocalist, and songwriter, is married to Esse Kakadare; the couple recently welcomed a son on March 27, 2015, named Waju lfr.

Brymo Endorsement Deal

October 2014 saw the appointment of Brymo as an ambassador for the Lagos Chamber of Commerce, alongside 2Baba, Vector, and Kunle Afolayan, among other personalities.

Brymo Profile

  •  Full Name: Olawale Ashimi
  •  Stage Name: Brymo
  •  Date of birth: May 9, 1986
  •  Age: 36 years old
  •  Place of Birth: Okokomaiko, Lagos
  •  Education: Lagos State University (dropped out)
  •  Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Author
  •  Marital Status: Single
  •  Active Years: 1999 to date
  •  Net Worth: $3.5 million

Brymo Record Label

Prior to this, he was under contract with the record label Chocolate City. He was under contract with the label from 2010 until 2013, when his tenure concluded.

Chocolate City asserts that the N3 million return on the N20 million they invested in him represents a loss for the company.

It is highly probable that you would have been interested in knowing the net worth of this celebrity throughout his music career.

What is Brymo Net Worth?

An approximate estimation of his accumulated net worth is $3.5 million. In addition to his music career, his endorsement has established him as a musician of considerable influence in the music industry.

As of 2022, Brymo has an estimated net worth of 1,494,074,533.00 Naira.

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