Ejay Stephanie Biography: Age, Songs, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Who is Ejay Stephanie? 

Whence Ejovwokeoghene Ejay Stephanie, the moniker given to the Nigerian attorney and creative Stephanie Avbenagha (born January 22), is her date of birth.

She is an Afropop vocalist and songwriter on the rise who currently resides in California, United States. She is a brand influencer and entrepreneur as well.

Released in July 2022, the popular single “Strong” was composed by Ejay Stephanie.

Where was Ejay Stephanie Born?

Ejay Stephanie was born on January 22, the mid-1990s, to the Avbenagha family, which consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Avbenagha.

An individual of South-South descent, she is a native of Delta State, also known as “The Big Heart.” She spent her entire life in Edo State. Her early years were spent in Benin City, which serves as the administrative center of Edo State.

Her moniker, Ejay Stephanie, is derived from her given and middle names. Stephanie Avbenagha Ejovwokeoghene is the name given to her by her parents.

With a sizable family background, she is one of eight siblings. She cherishes her four brothers and sisters, with whom she shares four blessings.

Her upbringing took place in a religious home, as both of her parents are devout Christians. During her childhood, she and her family attended a local chapel in Benin.

Her passion for music dates back to her adolescent years, when she participated in the choir at her local church. Her devotion to choristering aided in the formation of her vocal and composing abilities.

During her leisure time, she would compose gospel and pop songs over the weekends and during school vacations. Ejay Stephanie acquired her keyboarding skills during this time and has since developed considerable expertise through years of consistent practice.

As an adolescent, she was also impacted by the sounds of Afrobeats. In addition to A-list Afrobeats artists, she was exposed to Pop, Highlife, Juju, R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop during her formative years.


Ejay Stephanie completed her elementary and secondary education at prestigious private institutions in Benin City. Upon passing the West African School Certificate Examination, she was granted her high school diploma with distinction.

She ultimately chose to pursue her education in her native state. She attended Delta State University, Abraka, from 2009 to 2010, where she earned a Diploma in Law.

She was accepted into the undergraduate law program at Delta State University subsequent to successfully complete the diploma program. In 2015, she graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from the institution.

In order to practice law, Ejay Stephanie decided to enroll at the Nigerian Law School (NLS), motivated by her accomplishments in earning her law degree. 2016 marked her graduation from law school.


Ejay Stephanie
Ejay Stephanie

Ejay Stephanie had a lifelong ambition of becoming an attorney. Ever since her middle school years, she aspired to attain the requisite grades to secure a law degree so that she could pursue her ambition of becoming a certified attorney.

She was admitted to the Nigerian bar and granted the authority to practice law upon her graduation from Nigerian Law School.

She was a Nigerian attorney by profession for several years prior to her emigration to the United States of America. She established her domicile in the state of California and resolved to pursue an entrepreneurial career.

She has founded and managed prosperous SMBs from the United States over the years.

Furthermore, Ejay Stephanie is a prosperous musician. Upon being admitted to the university, she made the decision to transition from gospel songwriting to mainstream music.

She devoted her efforts to producing Afrobeats music. During her undergraduate years, she composed a considerable number of Afrobeats songs.

Certain tracks were fortunate enough to reach the recording studio and were subsequently released for the enjoyment of Ejay Stephanie’s modest fan base.

She has developed her vocal and songwriting abilities over time. She has developed into a more accomplished Afrobeats performer and established her own unique style. In 2019, she released Pray 4 Naija, a composition with a Nigerian theme.

Strong, a single by Ejay Stephanie, was released in July 2022. Her current number-one single has elevated her status within the Nigerian music industry.

Throughout the months, Strong has amassed tens of thousands of streams, establishing herself as one of the Afrobeats female rising stars to observe.

Strong was mixed and mastered by Virusmanmix after being produced by P-Styles. Ejay Stephanie is anticipated to shortly produce and distribute the visuals for the currently popular single.

Social Media 

Ejay Stephanie is a well-known social media personality. She has more than 417k Instagram followers and over 13.3k Twitter followers.

  • Instagram handle@ejaystephanie
  • Twitter handle – @ejaysteph
  • Tiktok handle –@ejaystephanie

Personal Life

Ejay Stephanie is a highly coveted female celebrity on account of her stunning appearance. She possesses a curvy body type, is five feet tall, and has pale skin. She is renowned for dressing elegantly and donning opulent fashion accessories.

She resides in the United States of America at this time. She possesses an exotic automobile and resides in a capacious apartment in San Francisco, California. As a frequent traveler, she enjoys exploring new cities during her vacations.

While not striving to elevate the status of Afrobeats, Ejay Stephanie maintains a professional presence as a brand influencer. She is a highly regarded social media influencer who has collaborated on the promotion of numerous brands’ products and services.

Additionally, she provides legal consultations to clients residing in Nigeria and various other countries.

The aesthetically pleasing musician is reportedly unattached. The relationship status of Ejay Stephanie has been the subject of conjecture due to her private nature regarding her personal life.

Her companion is the renowned dancer Janemena. Additionally, Mrs. Avbenagha, her mother, is cited as her role model.

What is Ejay Stephanie Net Worth?

Ejay Stephanie’s modest fortune, acquired through her endeavors as an entrepreneur, lawyer, musician, and brand influencer, enables her to partake in certain indulgences of life.

Presently, her net worth is estimated to be substantial, but she has declined to divulge this information to the general public.

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