Doris Simeon Biography: Child, Age, Husband, Net Worth,

Who is Doris Simeon?

Born in Nigeria on 22 July 1980, Doris Simeon is a philanthropist, model, Nollywood actress, and television presenter. Additionally, she is a model.

In addition to her renown in the film industry, she is a highly influential entrepreneur within the Nigerian entertainment sector. She is the Chief Executive Officer of the renowned Davris Beauty in Lagos, Nigeria, where she operates as a businesswoman.

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Childhood and Education

On July 22, 1980, Doris Simeon was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She was born and raised in the Lagos municipality of Ojota. Originating from Okpella, Benin, Edo State, Nigeria, is the gifted actress.

She attended school in the Ojota neighborhood of Lagos, Nigeria, and rose to prominence with the 2001 Nollywood film Oloju Ede.

Doris Simeon completed her studies in production management at the PEFTI Film Institute.

How Doris Simeon Began Her Career

Doris Simeon
Doris Simeon

Doris Simeon, a Yoruba and English actress, made her acting debut in three episodes of the comedy series Papa Ajasco. She then appeared in the Nollywood movies Modupe Temi, Ten Million Naira, Alakada, and Oloju Ede. She also had an appearance in Eti Keta.

She co-produced with Omo Iya Kan and acted as Dagrin‘s girlfriend in Ghetto Dreamz in 2010.

Doris Simeon was cast in over 100 films, including Eti Keta, Oloju Ede, Alakada, Ten Million Naira, Abani Kedun, Iseju Marun, Omo Iya Kan, Ghetto Dreams, Silence, Gucci Girls, Alakada, Omo Pupa, Asiri, and Modupe Temi, before receiving her first role from the late actor/director Yomi Ogunmola.

Doris Simeon began her acting career with a role in three episodes of the comedy series Papa Ajasco. She is a natural actress who can also serve as a master of ceremonies and TV show host.


Since she became well-known, Doris Simeon has appeared in a staggering amount of motion pictures. You might like to see some of her films, including the following:

  • Omo Iya Kan
  • Eti Keta
  • Ghetto Dreams
  • Alakada
  • Ten Million Naira
  • Omo Pupa
  • Asiri
  • Abani Kedun
  • Gucci Girls
  • Modupe
  • Silence

Awards & Nominations

  • 2008 AMAA awards Best Indigenous Actress Onitemi.
  • 2010 Zafaa Award Best Actress Indigenous Asiri
  • Award for excellence by Okpella Movement in the USA
  • Afemiah Development Group award for best indigenous artist
  • 2015 All Youths Tush Awards AYTA Role Model (Movie) Award

Social media 

Is Doris Simeon Married? 

While working on the set, Doris Simeon met Daniel Ademinokan, a producer and director.

They began dating, and within a short period, they found themselves compatible with one another and got married. Doris Simeon accepted to marry the renowned filmmaker Daniel Ademinokan.

Doris Simeon and Daniel Ademinokan gave birth to their only child, David Ademinokan. By May 2013, they divorced while Daniel Ademinokan remarried Stella Damasus.

Doris Simeon was first married to Emeka Nzeribe, but he remarried a man whose identity hadn’t been made known after his recent marriage crashed.

Net Worth

Doris Simeon has a net worth of US$500,000. This is true because one of Nigeria’s most important Nollywood actresses, Doris Simeon, is one of the most influential figures in the industry.

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