Faze Biography: Age, Net worth, Wife, Songs, Movies

Faze Biography 

Faze’s complete given name is Chibuzor Oji. He is an accomplished actor and performer from Nigeria. Acting as the main male character Lovechild, he debuted in the critically acclaimed Nigerian film Alero’s Symphony in 2011.

Furthermore, he earned the Africa Movie Academy Award for Achievement in Soundtrack in 2012 in recognition of his work on the film’s soundtrack.

Faze Biography and Biodata 

Faze Biography
Faze Biography
Full Name Chibuzor Oji
Nickname Faze
Date of Birth March 7, 1977
Place of Birth Lagos State, Nigeria
Occupation Singer | Actor
Net Worth $5 million
Social Media Handle Instagram: @fazealone

Childhood and Education

Faze was born into a family of nine children on March 7, 1977, in Festac Town, Lagos. Faze resides in a large family as the fourth sibling. 

It is said that the family as a whole has developed into a harmonious singing ensemble due to the considerable amount of time spent in prayer singing praises. The majority of his academic career was spent in Lagos, a city situated in the southeastern region of Nigeria.


Career as a Musician 

After securing the DBN Karaoke Championship in 1994, Faze initiated his initial public relations initiative. Prior to his affiliation with the Plantashun Boiz, he operated as a rapper going by the moniker Lyrical Orge. 


During the last three months of 2004, Faze independently released his debut studio album, entitled “Faze Alone.” A number of music charts incorporated the number-one recordings “Faze Alone,” “Angel Gabriella,” “Miss U,” and “Na True.” The album’s debut contributed to the further establishment of his unique musical style, which he termed “universal flavor” and fused with elements of R&B, Reggae, Pop, Dancehall, Ragga, Soul, and African influences.


The sophomore album from Faze, titled “Independent,” was released in 2006. The release of Faze’s third studio album occurred in 2008. “Originality,” the initial composition of the album, is also what gives the album its name. Additionally, the singles “Spend My Money” and “Am In Love” achieved widespread success. “REFAZED,” the fourth album by Faze, was finalized and released in 2012. The album’s lead single, “Am In The Mood,” received extensive radio and television exposure.


Two more tracks, “Ifeoma” and “Lambo,” were added to his discography in 2013, and in response to the single releases, the singer simultaneously published music videos for each. Faze, in conjunction with Wyclef Jean, with whom he co-wrote the song “Proud To Be African,” has performed alongside internationally renowned foreign artists.

Faze has supported a number of reputable and well-known companies with his musical expertise, including Star for the annual Star Trek Event, Globacom for the National Globacom Campus Storm, Guinness for the Guinness Extra Smooth Discovery Shows, and Sprite for Spriteball, their talent development competition for children.

Faze was signed to a Record Label 

Faze had been contracted by the Nigerian record label Westside Records in 2004. He established his own record label, Independent Entertainment, in 2006, through which he distributes all of his recordings.


Solo albums

  • 2012: ReFAZEd 
  • 2008: Originality 
  • 2006: Independent 
  • 2004: Faze Alone 

With Plantashun Boyz

  • 2007: Plan B 
  • 2003: Sold Out 
  • 2000: Body and soul Volume II
  • 2000: Body and Soul 


  • 2010: Bad Sharp Guys with various artists Vol.2 
  • 2008: Bad Sharp Guys with various artists Vol.1 
  • 2004: Untitled with Ruggedman (Shelved)


  • 2011: Alero’s Symphony

Awards and nominations

Awards Won

  • 2012: AMAA Awards – Achievement in Soundtrack 
  • 2012: Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) – Achievement in Soundtrack (Alero’s Symphony) 
  • 2009: Criteria Magazine Awards- Youth motivator
  • 2008: SoundCity Awards- Best Choreography Video- Kpo Kpo Di Kpo 
  • 2006: Hip-Hop World Awards- Best Vocalist of the year 


  • 2012: Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) – Achievement in Soundtrack (Alero’s Symphony)
  • 2009: Nigeria Music Video Awards- I’m in love 
  • 2008: Soundcity Awards- Best Video of the Year- Tattoo Girls 
  • 2008: Soundcity Awards- Best R&B Video of the Year- Need Somebody 
  • 2008: Soundcity Awards- Best Male Video of the Year-Kolomental
  • 2008: Soundcity Awards- Best Direction Video of the Year- Kolomental 
  • 2008: Soundcity Awards- Best Choreography of the Year -Kpo Kpo Di Kpo 
  • 2008: MOBO Awards- Best African Act- Independent 
  • 2008: Hip-Hop World Awards- Recording of the Year- Need Somebody 
  • 2008: Hip-Hop World Awards- Best Vocal Performance- Someone like me 
  • 2008: Hip-Hop World Awards- Best Song of the Year- Kolomental 
  • 2008: Hip-Hop World Awards- Best R&B/Pop Album of the Year- Independent 
  • 2008: Hip-Hop World Awards- Best Album of the Year- Independent 
  • 2008: Futures Awards- Best Artistes of the year 
  • 2008: Channel O Awards- Best West African Video- Loving you Everyday 
  • 2007: Nigeria Entertainment Awards- Best R&B Album of the Year 
  • 2007: Channel O Awards – Best Newcomer Video – Kolomental 
  • 2007: AMEN Awards- Most Popular Song- Kolomental 
  • 2007: AMEN Awards- Best Song of the Year- Kolomental 
  • 2007: AMEN Awards- Best R&B Male Vocal Performance 
  • 2007: AMEN Awards- Best R&B Album- Independent 
  • 2007: AMEN Awards- Best Male Vocalist 
  • 2007: AMEN Awards- Best Album of the Year- Independent 
  • 2007: AMEN Awards- Best Act of the Year 
  • 2006: Nigeria Entertainment Awards- Best male vocalist 
  • 2006: 8 Fame Music Awards- Best Male Act

Endorsement Deals

Faze has provided services to numerous prominent multinational corporations, such as Star, Guinness, Sprite, and Globacom. 

Net Worth

Diverse online sources have reported varying figures regarding Faze’s net worth. An approximation places his net worth at approximately $5 million.

It is believed that a portion of his wealth was acquired through endorsement agreements and his music industry experience.

Social Media 

Particularly active on social media is Faze, where he maintains a verified account that amasses more than 161,000 followers on Instagram. He can be followed on Instagram at the address listed below.

  • Instagram: @fazealone

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