John ‘Mr. Ibu’ Okafor Biography: Movies, Age, News, Net Worth

Who is Mr. Ibu?

John Ikechukwu Okafor, who was born on October 17, 1961, is widely regarded as one of the most renowned Nigerian film icons.

He is widely recognized throughout Nigeria as Mr. Ibu, an accomplished comedian, businessman, and actor. Additionally, he is a musician who has released a few tracks.

John ‘Mr. Ibu’ Okafor is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished and handsomely compensated comedians in Nigeria. His comedic performances are frequently marked by absurdity, uproarious foolishness, and a profound detachment from actuality.

Childhood and Education

John ‘Mr. Ibu’ Okafor is a native of the Enugu State local government area of Nkanu West L.G. The date of his birth is October 17, 1961. The name of his sister is Queen Chioma Egboh. He remains alive and has not died.

After his father’s passing, he relocated to Sapele in 1974, following his elementary school years, to reside with his sibling. In Sapele, he supported his family and attend school through menial labor.


At that time, John ‘Mr. Ibu’ Okafor was a beautician, had an interest in photography, and was employed by a crates manufacturer. Financial constraints prevented him from attending the Yola College of Education after he was accepted there following his secondary education.

He subsequently registered at the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) as soon as he achieved sufficient financial resources to do so.


Over two hundred films have featured John ‘Mr. Ibu’ Okafor in the cast. Among them are Keziah (2007), Mr. Ibu (2004), Police Recruit (2003), 9 Wives (2005), Ibu in Prison (2006), and 9 Wives (2005). A broad audience viewed each of these films throughout Nigeria.

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Prior to this, he was employed by Anambra Broadcasting Service. He was a member of the soap opera casts Ogbu Anyanwu and Kwere Kira during his time there.

Additionally, John ‘Mr. Ibu’ Okafor had a prior career as a martial artist. After sixteen years of Shotokan Karate training, he earned his black belt in 1983. Additionally, he is a Karate Federation of Nigeria member.

As per his assertion, he was the inaugural instructor to impart Karate knowledge in federal government colleges in Nigeria. Formerly, John ‘Mr. Ibu’ Okafor was a trader. His colleagues included a number of his acquaintances.

They purchased and resold attractive secondhand footwear, blouses, medical equipment, and other implements from Niger.

Personal Life

Presently, John ‘Mr. Ibu’ Okafor is wed to the actress and model Stella Maris Okafor. Four children are the result of their matrimonial union: Jay Jay Okafor, Emmanuel Mandela Okafor, and Chelsea Okafor.

His hobbies included driving, telling jokes, participating in draft discussions, and viewing football. He disclosed that he and his spouse engage in many of these activities together on occasion. At the moment, he is the parent of four children.

The Best Comedian award has been bestowed upon him by the Governor of Enugu State.
He was also honored with the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award for finest comedian.

His accolade was Best Film Actor of the Year from the Nigerian Peace Ambassadors in 2014.
2016 marked his receipt of the Award of Excellence from the Magic Lens Africa Film Academy.

Mr. Ibu Instagram 

  • Instagram: @realmribu

Mr. Ibu Net Worth 

An assessment places John ‘Mr. Ibu’ Okafor’s net worth at approximately $3.5 million. He is among the wealthiest and most well-known actors in Nigerian Nollywood.

Additionally, he signed endorsement contracts with Merrybet and GoTV in 2014.

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