Kunle Afolayan Biography: Wife, Age, Children, Movies, Net Worth, Siblings, Instagram

Kunle Afolayan Biography 

Born on September 30, 1975, Kunle Afolayan is an exceptionally esteemed individual within the Nigerian film industry. He has an extensive resume as an actor, producer, and director.

The extent of his impact is notably conspicuous in his endeavors to elevate the collective caliber of Nollywood films. Through strategic budget allocation, implementation of 35mm film production techniques, and decision to release films in theaters, Afolayan has successfully revolutionized the industry.

Furthermore, Kunle Afolayan has effectively addressed the longstanding problem of repetitive and predictable plotlines that have afflicted Nollywood films. He established the KAP Television and Film Academy. The acronym KAP denotes Kunle Afolayan Production.

Childhood and Education

Emancipated on September 30, 1975, in the thriving Lagosian metropolis of Ebute Metta, Director Kunle Afolayan is widely recognized in Nigeria.

He was privileged to have his mother, Omoladun Afolayan, raise him notwithstanding the untimely demise of his father, Adeyemi Afolayan.

Kunle’s artistic trajectory was undeniably influenced by his upbringing in a close-knit family consisting of three siblings: Aremu Afolayan, Gabriel Afolayan, and Moji Afolayan.

This environment fostered his fervor for cinematic narratives. Afolayan is the name of his relative.

Kunle Afolayan, who was born in Igbomina, Kwara State, spent his formative years in Lagos, where he completed his primary education.

Following his graduation from secondary education, he pursued a Bachelor of Science in economics.


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Nevertheless, motivated solely by his deep affection for the craft of cinema, he executed a decisive course of action in 2005 when he resigned from his finance position and commenced his studies at the New York Film Academy.

Kunle Afolayan obtained a diploma in digital filmmaking from this prestigious institution, thereby expanding his expertise and skill set in the field.


Kunle Afolayan
Kunle Afolayan

Kunle Afolayan initiated his career in the film industry as an actor, making a significant debut in the political drama Saworoide (1999). Irapada, his début film, was released in 2006, but it was that year that he genuinely established himself as a director.

Afolayan’s extraordinary prowess was prominently featured in this supernatural thriller from Nigeria, which garnered him critical acclaim and ultimately the esteemed Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Film in an African Language.

Inspired by this triumph, Afolayan continued to engross audiences with The Figurine, Phone Swap, October 1, and Citation, among others, which he directed afterward.

Kunle Afolayan, who assumed the role of CEO of Golden Effects Pictures, a Nigerian production company founded in 2005, has significantly influenced the trajectory of the film industry in the nation.

The production company, which has been entrusted with the creation of numerous feature films including Irapada, The Figurine, Phone Swap, October 1, Roti, Omugwo, The Tribunal, The CEO, and Mokalik, has made substantial contributions to the Nigerian film industry.

Social Media



  • Agogo èèwò (2002) as Aresejabata
  • Saworo Ide (1999) as Aresejabata
  • Phone Swap (2012) as Recharge Card Vendor
  • October 1 (2014) as Agbekoya
  • The Bridge (2017) as Jiire
  • Roti (2017), as KB
  • Ayinla (2021) as Ajala
  • Swallow (2021) as Pastor Fred
  • Anikulapo (2022) as Akano

Directed Movies

  • Irapada (2006)
  • The Figurine (2009)
  • Phone Swap (2012)
  • October 1 (2014)
  • The CEO (2016)
  • The Bridge (2017)
  • Roti (2017)
  • Omugwo (2017)
  • Citation (2020)
  • Tenant of the House (2019)
  • Mokalik (Mechanic) (2019)
  • Diamonds in the Sky (2019)
  • Anikulapo (2022)

Is Kunle Afolayan Married?

The 49-year-old Kunle Afolayan got married to Tolu Afolayan in 2007, and together, they were blessed with the pleasure of parenthood as they welcomed four beautiful children, Darimisire Afolayan, Eyiyemi Afolayan, and Diekoloreoluwa David Afolayan into their lives.

Nevertheless, their formerly harmonious union unceremoniously terminated in 2019.Strongly convictiond and self-assured, Kunle Afolayan considers himself a free-thinker.

Awards & Nominations

Nollywood Movies Awards (NMVA)

  • Won Best Director on October 1 (2015)
  • Nominated for Best Picture for October 1 (2015)

Abuja International Film Festival (AIFF)

  • Won Golden Jury Award for Best Film for Phone Swap (2012)
  • Won Festival Prize for Outstanding Film Directing for Phone Swap (2012)

Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA)

  • Won Best Film for October 1 (2015)
  • Nominated for Best Film for Phone Swap (2012) and The Figurine (2009)
  • Nominated for Best Director for October 1 (2015) and The Figurine (2009)

Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA)

  • Won Best Overall Movie for Anikulapo (2023)
  • Won Best Indigenous Language (Yoruba) for Anikulapo (2023)
  • Won Best Sound Editor (movie/TV series) for Anikulapo (2023)
  • Won Best Writer (Movie/TV series) for Anikulapo (2023)
  • Won Best Sound Track (movie/TV series) for Anikulapo (2023)
  • Nominated for Best Movie (Drama) for Anikulapo (2023)
  • Nominated for Best Director for Anikulapo (2023)

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