Lizzy Jay Biography: Age, Movies, Husband & Net Worth

Who is Lizzy Jay?

Lizzy Jay, also referred to as Omo Ibadan, Adeyela Adebola, is a multitalented Nigerian actress, comedian, model, vocalist, and content creator. Her amiable demeanor and comedic aptitude have garnered her the affection of spectators throughout Nigeria and more.

Early Life and Education 

Lizzy Jay was born in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, on September 18, 1995. Her vivacious upbringing was replete with joyful and lighthearted instances.

Despite coming from a modest family background, Lizzy relished her childhood. “Sibi Onike” was her moniker due to the fact that she despised attending classes and had a particular affinity for plastic spoons.


Lizzy Jay
Lizzy Jay

Online distribution of a comedy series titled “Omo Ibadan Cosin Senta” marked the beginning of Lizzy’s rise to prominence. Social media platforms were flooded with attention for this series.

Lizzy’s ability to elicit laughter from individuals of all cultural and linguistic backgrounds contributed to her rise to prominence in the Nigerian entertainment sector.

Lizzy Jay is a descendant of Adebola, who are a married couple. She is purportedly employed by the federal government, whereas her father is a Nigerian politician.

Lizzy is extremely devoted to her family. She frequently reflects with nostalgia on the lighthearted occasions of her youth and conveys profound gratitude for the assistance she obtains from her parents.

Personal Life

Lizzy Jay’s marital status has been the subject of much discussion, with allegations circulating that she is engaged to the Nigerian comedian Baba Alariya.

This conjecture was encouraged by the exquisite wedding photoshoot that the couple shared. Nevertheless, the status of their relationship remains unknown, which maintains the interest of admirers in Lizzy’s private life.


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Awards and Nominations

Although Lizzy Jay has only recently come to public attention, her talent has already garnered considerable attention.

Her work in the entertainment industry has earned her nominations and awards, and she has been lauded for her comedic performances and original material.

Net Worth

An assessed net worth of approximately $100,000 has resulted from Lizzy Jay’s accomplishments.

Lizzy Jay Social Media 

Lizzy Jay actively participates in fan interactions across multiple platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

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