Papaya Ex Biography: Real Name, Boyfriend, Education, Instagram, Net Worth, Pictures, Husband

Who is Papaya Ex?

Arab Money, also referred to as Papaya Ex (born Halima Abike Raheem on January 9, 1995), is an actress, model, and social media influencer.

Additionally, in addition to her controversial personality, the 28-year-old Nigerian has collaborated with international and national brands including Zedapex Academy, Oba Farms, and The Shawn Exchange.

Although the widespread recognition of Papaya’s works, particularly via social media, may have contributed significantly to her rise to prominence, the controversies she has sparked on the internet have also garnered considerable attention.

The following details her pre-famous existence, professional trajectory, and the controversies that have surrounded her.


Papaya Ex
Papaya Ex
Full Name: Abike Halima Raheem
Nickname: Papaya Ex (Abike Arab Money)
Boyfriend/Husband: Leggy (rum.)
Born: January 9, 1994 (age 29 years old)
Birth Place: Lagos State
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Influencer, Tv Personality
Net Worth: $30,000-$150,000


What is Papaya Ex’s age?

A variety of age groups are affiliated with the influencer. She was born on January 9, 1994, according to the majority of accounts, which places her age at 29. She was born in 2004 and is 20 or 19 years old, according to additional sources.

It is somewhat uncertain as to her precise age, but Papaya Ex turned 27 years old in January 2022. This would indicate that the influencer was born in 1995, contrary to what some sources have stated ( 1994, 2003, or 2004). It is probable, based on this information, that Papaya Ex is 28 years old.

Regardless, her given name is Halima Abike Rasheem and she is a native of Oyo State. The model hails from a Yoruba Muslim household, where her siblings are Yomidun Raheem and Islamiya Raheem, and her parents are Mr. Olakunle and Mrs. Muti Oyo. Moreover, she asserts that she is the sovereign granddaughter of the deceased Alaafin of Oyo.

Yomidun Raheem, her sister, is also a well-known social media influencer for a number of desirable brands. They collectively adopt the name “The Raheems.”

Academically, Papaya Ex attended the University of Lagos

Papaya Ex purportedly holds a degree from the University of Lagos. She was born and raised in Oyo State, and her primary and secondary education were completed at various institutions in Lagos State and Oyo.

Despite the fact that her mother favored her pursuing a medical education, Arab Money, as she is colloquially known, chose to pursue her artistic interest. During her youth, she favored attending exhibitions and auditions over devoting all of her time to studying.

What is Papaya Ex’s occupation?

Papaya Ex
Papaya Ex

Papaya Ex has amassed a substantial social media following and is a well-known social media influencer. In addition to being an events presenter, model, and actress, she also maintains a YouTube channel. Papaya Ex has amassed a net worth of between $100,000 and $300,000 as a result of her burgeoning career.

Big Paps began to climb the fame ladder in 2019 when the online attention she received for the content she produced. Soon thereafter, numerous individuals noted that both her sense of style and the majority of the photographs are captivating.

With a gradual progression, she has amassed an Instagram following in excess of one million. Subsequently, her influential career has extended to both domestic and international markets.

Papaya Ex has served as a brand promoter and ambassador for Zedapex Academy, an institution specializing in stock and foreign exchange trading. Additionally, she assumes the role of an ambassador for Zikel Cosmetics.

Papaya Ex made an unsuccessful request to work for the cosmetic brand in 2018. Notwithstanding her initial dilemma, she was approached in 2022 with a significant agreement valued at 50 million ₦.

She is also an employee of other companies, including The Shawn Exchange, which has collaborated with celebrities including Lasisi Elenu and Oga Sabinus. The Mercedes Benz C300 that accompanied Papaya Ex’s endorsement with the company was valued at approximately $43,550, or 20 million NGN.

She entered into an additional six-month contract with the hair brand Rhik’s Place in February 2022 for…15 million.

Her Profession as an Actress, Model, and YouTuber 

In 2020, she entered the film industry, albeit as a part-time actress, despite being a successful and sought-after social media diva. Thus far, the actress has appeared in brief videos such as Two Way Street.

As a model, she collaborates with numerous brands to promote their products, including fashion houses, hair and skin care brands, and many others. In addition to numerous others, Papaya Ex carries brands including Throwbies Makeover, Browlashians, Persian Couture, and Oba Farms.

Similar to numerous personalities and entertainers, including Taaooma, Mr. Macaroni, Maraji, and numerous others who possess YouTube channels, Papaya Ex also launched her page in 2016. However, it did not go live until 2020. Abike Talks, a program that the channel has been airing, has generated in excess of 7,000 subscribers and approximately 140,000 views. 

The model, whose occupation it is to provide comprehensive entertainment, also serves as the presenter and master of ceremonies. She organizes gatherings, including listening parties, birthday parties, small performances, and get-togethers.

Who is dating Papaya Ex?

Papaya Ex primarily devotes public attention to her professional and business accomplishments, maintaining a largely private existence. It is unknown whether the unmarried influencer is involved in a romantic partnership. 

Recently, she has been associated with a number of individuals and the potential for a romantic partnership.

There were rumors that the native of Oyo State was in a relationship with Leggy, a Lagos-based married man with a child. As stated in certain reports, Leggy is allegedly the architect of her extravagant lifestyle.

According to credible sources, he graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta (FUNAAB) and is a sought individual for online fraud by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Regarding the speculations, Leggy and Papaya Ex denied the allegations. Leggy refuted any marital status, and the individual purportedly claiming his spouse is an ex-girlfriend. 

He has denied supporting Papaya’s lifestyle or dating her ex-boyfriend. Papaya, conversely, maintained her position, asserting that her fortune was generated through her position as an influencer rather than a man.

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Controversies and rumors 

She is purportedly participating in a giveaway sham. Papaya Ex is well-known for her ability to facilitate online giveaways for the general public and her admirers. 

But in 2022, she faced criticism regarding an alleged fabricated giveaway that she orchestrated in celebration of her Instagram page amassing one million followers.

After Papaya Ex pledged a Lexus automobile, iPhones, and other valuable items to supporters who attended the event in an attempt to reach one million on Instagram, a contentious debate ensued.

When she was blindfolded and requested to select a recipient for the Lexus, the situation deteriorated. When she selected a woman named Precious, who allegedly manages her social media profiles and was a member of the party’s organizing staff, the majority of her followers were dissatisfied.

Numerous individuals felt deceived and threatened to unfollow her in retaliation for the ploy she performed on them.

Supposedly Viral Papaya Ex-Sex Video

While her career continues to flourish, Papaya became embroiled in a controversy over a leaked sex film. The video provides a glimpse of the intimate encounter between a man and a woman, leading the general public to deduce that the woman depicted in the video was Papaya.

Notwithstanding the widespread interest sparked by the news, the influencer has yet to provide any commentary to the public. Therefore, it is uncertain whether she was the woman depicted in the video.

Her well-known Halo photoshoot

Papaya published an image in 2022 of herself in a long gown adorned with a halo and a crucifix, emulating the appearance of a Christian nun.

The image elicited a variety of responses from the general public, with some perceiving it as a jest of Jesus Christ and others as lacking enthusiasm for the actress’s choice. Additionally, she was reminded that she does not even observe the religion.

Social media 

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