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Feyi Daniels Biography 

Bishop Feyi Daniels, born May 6, 1980, is a highly esteemed Nigerian prophet, author, and educator.

Additionally, he established the Christian ministry iReign Global Church, which maintains a worldwide footprint. His teaching excellence, prophetic insights, and commitment to dominion have earned him widespread renown.

Feyi Daniels has made notable contributions to the domains of higher education and business, serving as the chancellor of Evolve Business School, an institution that specializes in business and leadership development, and the principal of Kings Academy, a prophetic school dedicated to missions and ministry.

Bishop Feyi Daniels encountered significant accusations of sexual assault against two female members of the church at Ikota Villa Estate in Lekki, Lagos, in June 2020.

Notwithstanding his not guilty plea and bail authorization, the defendant was ultimately condemned to life in prison subsequent to a series of proceedings in 2024.

Childhood and Education

Feyi Daniels, whose complete name is Daniels Oluwafeyiropo, was born in Gbolade Adebanjo, Opebi, Nigeria, on May 6, 1980. He was reared in a devout Christian household. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniels, were instrumental in fostering his spiritual development by early on imparting in him a profound devotion to God and His teachings.

Bishop Feyi is a citizen of Nigeria and a member of the Yoruba ethnic community. His site of birth is Gbolade Adebanjo, Opebi, Lagos, Nigeria.

During his formative years, he was nurtured in a Christian household, where he developed a profound devotion to God and His doctrines.

Feyi Daniels attended the University of Lagos for his tertiary education, where he graduated with honors in accountancy after excelling in the field.

Furthermore, he expanded upon his scholarly accomplishments by successfully completing a master’s program in business administration at the identical institution.

How did Feyi Daniels Started his Career

Feyi Daniels
Feyi Daniels

In 2006, Bishop Feyi Daniels, a former prosperous business consultant, established iReign Global in response to a divine mandate for full-time ministry.

Notwithstanding his prosperous professional trajectory with multinational corporations, he embarked on entrepreneurial endeavors in the fields of real estate, media, and education. His business acumen prompted him to found the King’s Academy and Evolve Business School, both of which were devoted to prophetic missions.

Bishop Daniels, an accomplished teacher and prophet, imparts the word of God with authority and precision.

Many have been influenced by his precise prophetic insights, which he has documented in books such as The Dominion Mandate and The Power of Vision. Contributing weekly insights, he hosts “The Prophetic Hour” online.

Bishop Feyi Daniels serves as a seminar and conference speaker with a global reach, while also supervising congregations and ministries on behalf of iReign Global.

Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya are among those impacted by his influence. Respected and influential within the charismatic Christian faith, he is identified as such.

Is Feyi Daniels Married?

At the age of 43, Feyi Daniels is matrimonially united in an ecstatic union with his co-pastor at iReign Global, Awele Feyi-Daniels.

The couple has been graced with two sons, Feyi Daniels Jr. and David Feyi-Daniels, and has been married for over a decade.

They maintain their domicile in Lagos, Nigeria, where they supervise the corporate headquarters of iReign Global.

Bishop Feyi Daniels exemplifies compassion, benevolence, and humility in his devotion to God and humanity.

He continues to be committed to carrying out his divine mandate as an individual who embodies foresight, determination, and innovation, ensuring that the gospel of the kingdom of God has a lasting influence on both present and future cohorts.


Bishop Feyi Daniels has encountered substantial controversy, specifically pertaining to accusations concerning his sexual behavior and integrity.

Two female church members were alleged to have been raped at Ikota Villa Estate in Lekki, Lagos, in June 2020.


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As a result of his not-guilty plea, the court granted him parole, which sparked extensive public discourse and a variety of platforms’ viewpoints.

The Lagos Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court’s Justice Rahman Oshodi rendered a verdict on January 26, 2024, which resulted in the life imprisonment of Bishop Feyi Daniels in connection with the rape of his 23-year-old assistant (name withheld).

A three-year prison sentence was also imposed upon him in connection with the sexual assault of a 19-year-old church member. The bishop was ordered to serve his sentence at the Kirikiri correctional facility in Lagos, per the judge’s ruling.

Bishop Feyi was notably granted a discharge and acquittal on two counts: one count of attempted rape of a separate church member and one count of rape involving another church member (name withheld).

Bishop Feyi Daniels, who has maintained his innocence, has claimed that his framing was orchestrated by adversaries.

He has initiated the process of appealing the judgment and has requested parole pending the resolution of his appeal.

How Rich is Feyi Daniels, What is his Net Worth?

Feyi Daniels is reportedly associated with a net worth of $1 million; however, it is crucial to acknowledge that this amount has not been substantiated by the bishop or any authoritative source.

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