Umar Sadiq Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth

Umar Sadiq Biography 

Umar Sadiq Mesbah (born 2 February 1997) is a Nigerian professional footballer who is widely acknowledged for his exceptional skill set as a striker.

His full name is Umar Sadiq. Highly regarded both domestically and internationally, he previously served as a member of the Nigeria national under-23 team and was instrumental in the country’s bronze medal performance at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Sadiq has demonstrated his prowess for a number of clubs throughout his professional football career, including Glasgow Rangers, AS Roma, and Partizan.

His remarkable abilities have garnered recognition, securing him a position on the Nigeria national team, alongside which he has participated in esteemed international competitions.

At present, Umar Sadiq is employed by Real Sociedad, a La Liga club, where he enhances his standing on the international football circuit.

Childhood and Education

Khalifa Umar and Umar Sadiq, who was born in Kaduna, Nigeria, on February 2, 1997, were the guardians of Umar Sadiq. He was brought up by his parents, Anisa Ali and Khalifa Umar.

While information regarding his academic history is limited, conjecture exists that he may have been a student at a football academy during his developmental years.


Umar Sadiq
Umar Sadiq

Umar Sadiq began his football career while playing for the Kusa Boys, a local club, in the streets of his birthplace, Kaduna.

Subsequently, he matriculated from the Football College Abuja to the renowned Future of Africa Football Academy, which was impressed by his prodigious ability.

He garnered significant attention in 2013 when he led FCA to victory at the Kvarnerska Rivijera junior tournament in Croatia, where he finished as the tournament’s leading scorer.

The year 2013 marked the beginning of his professional career in Italy with Spezia, but his loan transfer to Roma in 2015 was a turning point. Notwithstanding the obstacles he encountered in obtaining consistent playing time, his rookie campaign demonstrated his potential through the achievement of two pivotal goals. This opportunity provided entry into Serie A, a highly regarded football championship on an international scale.

A notable milestone was reached in 2019 when Umar Sadiq was transferred to Partizan Belgrade, where he demonstrated his prowess by scoring 11 goals in 18 matches.

After impressing Spanish clubs with his extraordinary performance, he was granted his debut with Real Sociedad during the 2023/2024 season.

His imposing stature and aggressive playstyle garnered him immediate acclaim, and he assisted in the club’s inaugural goal against Girona.

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Umar Sadiq’s tenacity prevailed despite encountering obstacles throughout his loan stints, including a period with Rangers in which he struggled to rediscover his shooting form.

His ensuing achievements while playing for Partizan Belgrade, Perugia, and Almería served to underscore his versatility and ability to score goals.

Due to his exceptional performance in La Liga, he garnered attention from prestigious clubs. In September 2022, Real Sociedad paid €20 million to acquire his services, solidifying his position as a highly sought-after football talent.

Nigeria has greatly benefited from the international presence of Umar Sadiq, who has represented the nation at multiple junior levels.

Since his pivotal performance in the U-23 team’s bronze medal victory at the 2016 Summer Olympics, he has consistently demonstrated his dedication to the senior national team and further solidified his position as a key figure in the footballing triumph of his country.

Awards and Nominations

Roma Primavera

  • Campionato Nazionale Primavera: 2015–16


  • Segunda División: 2021–22

Nigeria U23

  • Olympic Games bronze medal: 2016

Personal Life 

Umar Sadiq, who is 27 years old, and Judy Memini have maintained a long-lasting relationship that has contributed an intriguing chapter to his journey.


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Undoubtedly, the addition of their daughter, Aisha Umar, has significantly enhanced the happiness level in their relationship. Their undeniable devotion and affection for one another render them an aesthetically pleasing and motivational pair.

Net Worth

A accomplished and talented footballer, Umar Sadiq, has accumulated a substantial net worth. His estimated current net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

Furthermore, it has been reported that his yearly compensation while playing for Real Sociedad is in the vicinity of £1.0 million, equivalent to roughly £50,000 per week. Along with his most recent contract with the club, this remarkable income is the consequence of his diligence and skill.

Attributes of Umar Sadiq 

Umar Sadiq is a football player whose distinctive attributes garner considerable attention:

Physical Strength and Height: Umar’s height of 192 cm and physical strength are both remarkable. He threatens defenders and dominates aerial encounters by virtue of his height.

Fighting and Aggressiveness: His playing approach is combative and aggressive. Umar fights fearlessly for the ball and applies pressure to his opponents.

Flexibility and Maneuverability: He possesses excellent maneuverability despite his height. He is capable of changing direction rapidly and evading defenders.

Umar performs admirably as a finisher. He is goal-oriented and capable of accomplishing objectives with both his feet and mind.

In general, Umar Sadiq is a valuable asset to his team due to his amalgamation of physical prowess, aggressiveness, and technical expertise in his playing style.

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