Victor Osimhen Biography: Age, Football Career, Net Worth

Victor Osimhen Biography 

On December 29, 1998, in Lagos, Nigeria, Victor James Osimhen was born. He was the youngest of six children to his late mother and father, Elder Patrick Osimhen.

The Osimhen family surname, “Osimhen,” is derived from the Esan South East Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria. In the indigenous Ishan dialect, it translates to “God is good.”

Having been raised in the vibrant metropolis of Lagos, Victor encountered numerous financial obstacles throughout his formative years.

As a result of their parents’ choice to relocate in pursuit of improved prospects, they encountered various challenges. To augment their financial resources, his mother resorted to peddling sachet water in the intense Lagos traffic.

Victor and his siblings struggled to provide for their family while growing up in Olusosun, a neighborhood close to Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos. They frequently turned to street vending to finance their education and ensure their survival.

Academic Background and Professional Career

Victor Osimhen
Victor Osimhen

Victor enrolled at Olusosun Primary School, an institution where young members of the community shared a passion for football. Victor, motivated by his older sibling Andrew, diligently practiced football while managing his academic pursuits alongside street vending.

Significant sacrifices were made by Andrew in order to support Victor’s ambitions; he forsake his personal football ambitions and educational pursuits to guarantee Victor’s triumph.

In the early stages of his career, local scouts recognized Victor’s aptitude and enrolled him in the Ultimate Strikers Academy in Lagos. Victor’s athletic prowess, under the tutelage of coach Amuneke, secured him a position on the Golden Eaglets, the U-17 national team of Nigeria.

Victor’s breakthrough moment

This occurred during the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup, when his outstanding performances propelled Nigeria to victory. Victor earned recognition as the highest goal scorer with ten goals scored, in addition to being awarded the FIFA U-17 World Cup Silver Ball.

Victor Osimhen’s meteoric rise to fame as a football superstar showcases tenacity, perseverance, and an unyielding devotion to the sport that encapsulates his impoverished beginnings in Lagos.

As a result of his outstanding performance at the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup, prominent European clubs including Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, and Manchester City expressed interest in signing Victor Osimhen.

Unexpectedly, Osimhen declined these highly lucrative offers in preference for a significant offer from a mid-tier club, justifying his decision with the financial assistance that club extended to his family.

In January 2016, subsequent to receiving the prestigious CAF Award for African Youth Player of the Year in Abuja, Osimhen declared his intention to commence his professional vocation with Wolfsburg, a member club of the German Bundesliga.

His decision was heavily influenced by the financial incentives and assurances provided by the club; he even expressed a preference for playing in Germany as opposed to competing with other leading European clubs.

Prospects in Germany

In May 2017, Osimhen made his Bundesliga debut after signing a pre-contract agreement with Wolfsburg for three and a half years.

His first season, however, was prematurely terminated due to a shoulder injury that hampered his promising start and required surgery. This setback diminished his desirability to elite organizations.

A continuation of his difficulties was a preseason illness that prevented him from being selected for Nigeria’s 2018 World Cup squad.

Osimhen, who endured two arduous seasons at Wolfsburg marred by inconsistent play, injuries, and a lack of goals, made the decision to pursue opportunities elsewhere.

Rise to Fame

Subsequent to the summer trials, Zulte Waregem and Club Brugge, both based in Belgium, rejected him due to health concerns such as malaria. On August 22, 2018, Charleroi in Belgium, however, breathed energy back into Osimhen’s existence by offering him a season-long loan.

On September 22, Osimhen achieved a milestone in his career by making a successful debut and composing his first professional goal via a backheel.

Due to his noteworthy performance of 36 games and 20 goals during his tenure with Charleroi, the club exercised its option to acquire him permanently.

Osimhen executed a momentous professional transition in July 2019 when he signed with Lille OSC. After surmounting previous obstacles, he underwent a meteoric ascent and solidified his position as a prominent striker in Africa.

His tenacity and resolve established him as one of the most sought-after African football prospects.

The personal life of Victor Osimhen: As he rose to prominence in European football, curiosity naturally arose among supporters concerning his romantic involvement, particularly with respect to his fiancée, given his prominence both on and off the field.

Osimhen exhibits an undeniable amalgamation of attributes—charm, loyalty, diligence, and modesty—which renders him an appealing companion capable of enthralling any individual.

Concerns arose regarding Osimhen’s association with an alluring woman named Blessing prior to his ascent to prominence. Both individuals allegedly shared frequent Instagram snapshots of one another throughout their relationship.

Subsequently, Osimhen expunged any references to Blessing from his social media profiles, inciting conjecture regarding the genuine essence of their romantic partnership.


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While certain rumors put forth the notion that she was simply his companion, others speculated that she might be his engaged wife, implying a more profound connection.

Notwithstanding the lack of tangible proof pertaining to matrimony or wedlock, Osimhen maintains a reticent stance concerning his private life, prioritizing solitude over public examination.

At this time, Osimhen seems to be single, placing greater emphasis on his professional pursuits rather than romantic engagements.

An Analysis of Victor Osimhen’s Characteristics:
In addition to his athletic achievements, Osimhen’s personal existence provides insights into various aspects of his persona.

“As evidenced by the motivational message on his WhatsApp profile: “I was not at all troubled by some of the negative remarks and material that was written about me during my time at Wolfsburg,” he exemplifies resilientness and resolve.

Osimhen derives comfort from contemporary R&B music, specifically R Kelly’s iconic composition “I Believe I Can Fly,” which frequently functions as the soundtrack to his goal celebrations, in addition to football.

Furthermore, he holds “Sitting on the Throne” by Nigerian hip-hop artist Olamide in high regard; it is his preferred track.

Family Dynamics: In his capacity as the principal provider, Osimhen derives satisfaction from guiding his family towards economic autonomy by means of his football profession.

His family members’ steadfast assistance throughout difficult periods has significantly contributed to their collective achievements.

In regard to his father, Patrick Osimhen, he oversaw his son’s affairs until 2015, at which point the responsibility was transferred to French agent Oliver Noah.

Patrick encountered opposition from other agents who were attempting to bypass him; consequently, he chose to engage in negotiations with Andrew Osimhen, the elder sibling of Victor.

Unfortunately, there have been reports suggesting that Victor’s mother has passed away. In remembrance, he has chosen to conspicuously showcase a photo of her on his Instagram profile.

Siblings of Victor Osimhen: The prolific forward is the oldest of six siblings, the most prominent of whom is Andrew Osimhen. Victor’s actions manifest his profound devotion for his sisters.

Significantly, in November 2015, he bestowed his Golden Boot Award upon one of his sisters, who had recently given birth to a baby daughter, in remembrance of the occasion.

The lifestyle of Victor Osimhen: According to Transfer Market, Victor Osimhen’s market value has increased substantially as of the time of writing.

Despite this financial success, an extravagant lifestyle characterized by a fleet of luxury automobiles and residences has not materialized.

Notwithstanding his arduous upbringing and humble familial origins, Osimhen maintains a steadfast foundation and demonstrates astute financial acumen.

Victor Osimhen’s Unknown Information:
Family Dispute: Victor Osimhen encountered a phase of unpredictability concerning his future as a result of a familial crisis concerning his transfer.

Divergent factions contending for transfer funds and representation privileges within his family. Osimhen’s elder sibling Andrew and uncle Michael led opposing factions that pursued divergent objectives.

False reports circulated that Osimhen’s father had been assaulted for opposing the player’s transfer to Wolfsburg, which further complicated the situation. Time ultimately elapsed before the family dispute could be resolved.

On January 1, 2017, the Nigerian club Lucky Nursery acquired VfL Wolfsburg for a significant sum of $3,970,225 in exchange for the services of Victor Osimhen, which was paid to the Ultimate Striker Academy, a local club situated in Lagos.

In addition to establishing a record as the most expensive athlete in Nigeria, this transfer fee to a nursery team in Africa also surpassed all previous fees paid directly to a nursery team. A remarkable quantity of 1.4 billion Naira was acquired by the Ultimate Strikers Academy in the form of Osimhen’s transfer.

Success and Net Worth 

Victor Osimhen achieved success in the Belgian First Division A, a tier that has served as a benchmark for a great number of Nigerian footballers.

It is worth noting that several Nigerian athletes, namely Daniel Amokachi, Victor Ikpeba, Sunday Oliseh, and Alloy Agu, began their successful European careers in Belgium.

During the late 1980s, the late Stephen Keshi, a former coach of the Super Eagles, was instrumental in coordinating the migration of Nigerian talent to Belgium.

In the Belgian division, Celestine Babayaro was honored with the esteemed Ebony Shoe award as the top African player throughout his tenure.

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