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Who is Nasboi?

Nasboi, the stage name of Michael Nasiru Bolaji (born March 13, 1992), is a widely recognized Nigerian celebrity who is also a content creator, performer, actor, and internet personality. 

An individual of prominence within the entertainment sector, he has amassed acclaim for his ability to deride the renowned musician Davido. By virtue of his satirical barbs at Davido, he has acquired the moniker “low-budget OBO.” 

Furthermore, his comedic prowess is further underscored by the colloquial names “Nas” and “Nasiru the comic,” which frequently refer to Nasboi. Nasboi, a comedian hailing from the Odo Otin Local Government Area in Osun State, stands tall as a symbol of his birthplace with great pride.


Full Name: Lawal Michael Nasiru Bolaji
Stage Name: Nasboi
Born: 13 March 1992 (age 31 years old)
Place of Birth: Odo Otin, Osun, Nigeria
State Of Origin: Osun State
Nationality: Nigerian
Education: University of Uyo
Height: 1.58 m
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Bolaji
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: Not Married
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Occupation: Actor • Comedian
Net Worth: $500,000


Where was Nasboi Born, How did he spent his Childhood?

Nasboi, a Nigerian individual of diverse abilities, was born on March 13, 1992, in Osun State, Nigeria. He was raised and tended for by his parents during his youth. 

To facilitate communication, his parents are referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Bolaji. Disappointingly, the media has not disclosed any information pertaining to Nasboi’s siblings.

Where did Nasboi Schooled?  

Nasboi attended Shalom International Nursery and Primary School and Bright International Nursery School both in Rivers State. 

After completing his secondary education at Istan Comprehensive High School, he subsequently transferred to Ogba Comprehensive High School. 

Nasboi matriculated in mechanical engineering at the University of Uyo in Akwa, Ibom, subsequent to his graduation from secondary school.

How did Nasboi Started his Career, and how was he able to make it?

Nasboi’s professional trajectory was significantly altered when he decided to produce and film brief comedic routines, notwithstanding his persistent endeavors in the music industry. 

By leveraging the capabilities of social media, specifically Instagram, Nasboi established a strategic rapport with his audience.

Utilizing only his vocal abilities, he displayed his ability to impersonate the renowned musician Davido on Instagram under the alias Nasiru.

The video, which demonstrated Nasboi’s remarkable mimicry, amassed significant popularity, in part, due to the influence of social media influencers like Tunde Ednut, who significantly contributed to the dissemination of his comedic abilities. 

This widespread online activity functioned as Nasboi’s golden passport to the realm of celebrities, signifying the inception of his notoriety and prominence.

In contrast to those who may have been tempted to revel in the initial triumphs, Nasboi maintained an unwavering dedication to producing and disseminating humorous video snippets that elicited delight from viewers. 

His ascent was propelled by his diligence and ability, which enabled him to engage larger audiences.

Beyond being a mere social media sensation, Nasboi transformed into an adored figure in the entertainment industry, generating eager anticipation for every one of his hilarious creations.

The personification of Chief Romanus, a comedic persona assumed by Nasboi, served to reinforce his prominence.

By means of this personalities, he deftly depicts the subtleties of mundane existence as an ordinary Igbo male, thereby augmenting the profundity and relatability of his comedic oeuvre. 

In addition to his impact on social media, Nasboi has demonstrated a significant presence in the music industry through his appearances in numerous music videos.


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Moreover, Nasboi has effectively demonstrated his versatility in comedy and music by embarking on an acting career.

Prominent cinematic works such as Lockdown (2021) and Passport (2022) feature Nasboi, thereby emphasizing his adeptness at deftly traversing diverse aspects of the entertainment industry. 

Beyond being a tale of a viral phenomenon, Nasboi’s trajectory exemplifies an artist who, through perseverance and prowess, established a distinctive position for himself in the multifaceted and fiercely competitive entertainment industry.

How Rich is Nasboi, What is Nasboi Net worth?

Within the dynamic realm of the entertainment sector, Nasboi, who had initially embarked on a professional trajectory as a musician, fortuitously discovered an unanticipated route to renown that deviated from the traditional trajectory. 

Is Nasboi in a Relationship?

Nasboi, an individual of 31 years of age and current single status, has declared his girlfriend’s presence publicly. However, he has expressed discomfort when others discuss his relationship; therefore, he has concealed the identity of his girlfriend. 

At this time, there is no available information pertaining to the parentage of Nasboi.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @Iamnasboi
  • Twitter handle: NASIRU (@iamnasboi)
  • Yotube Channel: Nasboi


  • Umbrella (featuring Wande Coal)


  • Passport (2022)
  • Lockdown (2021)

Net Worth 

Nasboi, a prominent figure in the entertainment sector, amasses his wealth through a multitude of methods, including lucrative sponsorship agreements, capitalizing on his substantial social media impact, and actively participating in entertaining endeavors. 

Nasboi, who is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000, has effectively positioned himself as a notable individual within the entertainment industry.

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