Young Duu Bio: Age, Songs, Real Name, Net Worth

Who is Young Duu?

Young Duu, whose actual name is Oluwabamishe Lukman Abioro and was born in 2003, is an emerging street-pop artist whose captivating and energizing performances have caused a stir on social media. He performs as a songwriter and vocalist.

Recently, he signed with the Zeh Nation Record label, which is under the ownership of the notorious music magnate Portable, also referred to as Zazu. This new collaboration will undoubtedly propel Young Duu to greater heights in the music industry.

Young Duu Childhood and Education 

Young Duu, an up-and-coming street-pop artist from Agege, Lagos State, Nigeria, was born in 2003. The specifics regarding his parents continue to elude the media, as their names are unknown.

Additionally, more information regarding Young Duu’s siblings and educational experience is required. However, notwithstanding these deficiencies in understanding, Young Duu’s musical career demonstrates his aptitude and potential.

Young Duu, who is 21 years old at the moment, has garnered an enormous fan base since Portable first introduced him.

How Young Duu Met Portable and Started his Career

Young Duu
Young Duu

Young Duu has garnered significant attention and discourse within the music industry due to his audacious and thought-provoking methodology, which has earned him both acclaim and censure.

One of his more recent compositions, E Gbemi, has generated considerable attention and solidified his status as a prominent figure. 

The song has effectively engaged the attention of music aficionados, thereby elevating Young Duu to an even higher level of acclaim and prosperity.

Recently, Young Duu, an accomplished and ambitious artist who recently became a member of the prestigious Zeh Nation, debuted Kilowa, his most recent work of art.

The captivating nature of audiences is assured due to the innovative sound and infectious rhythms of this sensational track.

The collaboration between Young Duu and Olamzzy, an exceptionally regarded and accomplished musician, further enhances the magnificence of this already magnificent composition.

By harmonizing their distinct abilities, they have successfully constructed an indelible musical encounter that will leave audience members wanting more.

Personal Life

Young Duu, an up-and-coming street pop artist, avoids the media from being informed about his personal life and relationships. As a consequence, there is a lack of information pertaining to his romantic involvements or current girlfriend. 

Furthermore, it is critical to mention that Young Duu is childless and lacks any publicized relationships with companions or spouses.

Portable, a renowned and cherished Nigerian vocalist, demonstrated extraordinary dedication in supporting Young Duu, one of his signed artists. Portable, recognizing the significance of mobility for his fellow artist, acquired a used vehicle on his behalf. 


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This considerate action was gleefully documented on Instagram, where Portable manually transferred the car’s keys, which not only served as a metaphor for a means of transportation but also marked the commencement of a fresh phase in Young Duu’s musical trajectory.

Young Duu Cars

Recently, the renowned vocalist and CEO of Zeh Nation, Portable, demonstrated his multifaceted role as a mentor and steadfast supporter of his artists.

By expressing his sincere appreciation for Young Duu’s extraordinary talent and ceaseless endeavors, he bestowed upon him a delightful surprise. 

Portable bestowed upon Young Duu an elegant Tokunbo automobile as a token of his profound gratitude.

A video of this heartfelt moment went viral on Portable’s Instagram, demonstrating Young Duu’s authentic happiness and appreciation. The action has motivated admirers and adherents, underscoring Portable’s considerate acknowledgement.

Portable’s action honors the accomplishments of Young Duu and emphasizes his dedication to fostering the development and empowerment of his artists. 

This momentous occasion in the music industry exemplifies the profound admiration and regard that exists between the CEO and his exceptionally gifted protégé.

At this time, Young Duu is establishing himself as a promising and accomplished street-pop artist in the music industry. 

How Rich is Young Duu, What is his Net worth? 

Considering his music stream, endorsement deals, and even a car that Portable donated to him, Young Duu’s estimated net worth is between $10,000 and $50,000. However, his precise net worth has not yet been disclosed. 

It should be noted, nevertheless, that these figures require official verification. However, given his increasing popularity and success, it is anticipated that Young Duu’s net worth will considerably surge in the near future.


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