Sisi Quadri Biography – Early Life, Education, Career, NET Worth

Who is Sisi Quadri?

Sisi Quadri, a renowned comic actor, passed away in Nollywood. He passed away at the age of 44 as a result of complications with his kidneys. The entertainment industry is in mourning over the actor’s passing. The following information pertains to this exceptionally gifted Yoruba actor.

Sisi Quadri Biography

Sisi Quadri
Sisi Quadri

Actor Sisi Quadri portrays Oyebamiji Tolani Quadri, a widely recognized individual within the Nollywood entertainment sector.

He was born in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, to Mr. and Mrs. Oyebamiji, on December 25, 1979. Sisi Quadri possesses an extroverted nature. After completing elementary and secondary education in Ore, Ondo State, he returned to his birthplace of Osun.

A seasoned comic actor in the Nollywood film industry, the individual gained recognition for his comedic timing. His breakthrough performance was in the film Seniyan Seranko.

He amassed a substantial support base and achieved widespread recognition within the Nigerian populace. The audience was amused by the material he shared on social media.

In addition to being an actor, he operates a large fashion store and employs a team of designers and workers.

Skilled actor: kidney-related complications led to his untimely demise on March 1, 2024.

Private life of Sisi Quadri

Early in his education, Sisi Quadri was educated in Ore, Ondo State. Following this, he returned to his birthplace in Osun State and studied Arabic and the Quran at his father’s insistence that he become a Muslim clergyman.

Due to his deep interest in fashion design, he attended and successfully completed a fashion program. Academic at heart and perpetually seeking new knowledge, he additionally earned a Diploma Certificate from Iree Polytechnic in Osun State, his place of birth.

Subsequently, he wed Mrs. Quadri Oyenamiji and maintained a private existence free from public scrutiny. Hazani Olamilekan Oyebamiji and Olamide Oyebamiji are his two sons.


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His moments with his children are frequently documented on social media. He is a family man who adores his family and spends every moment in their company.

Sisi Quadri’s Career in Acting and Comedy

The young lad from the state of Osun had always had a strong interest in acting. Toyin Olaiya, his mentor who introduced him to the acting industry, was introduced to him by the older sibling of his father.

Later, he joined Hameeda Shakeem’s crew and relocated to Lagos, where he met numerous members of the Nigerian film industry.

His breakthrough role was that of an insulating individual in the epic film “Seniyan Seranko,” in which he debuted after a series of supporting roles. It was after the film that he rose to prominence as an actor in the industry.

2020’s comedy film “Ebudola” marked his return from a hiatus with yet another career-defining success.

As a result of the film’s success, the producers also produced Parts 2 and 3, in which he entertained the audience with his comic timing and dazzling acting.

He appeared in numerous films, including Ololade Mrs. Money, Oselu, and Lega Gawu, among others.

In addition to performing comedy routines and establishing a name for himself in the industry, he was among the first to produce and direct comedic roles.

He engages his audience through his films, comedic performances, and work as a content creator.

Numerous renowned comedians and content creators, including Woli Agba, Mr. Macaroni, and others, have worked with him. He has amassed a substantial social media following and has produced numerous viral videos and posts.

Sisi Quadri Net Worth 

In addition to being a prominent figure in the Nigerian film industry, the actor is also an entrepreneur and content developer. His diverse income sources contribute to an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2024.

He has accumulated over 150 film appearances and earned a stellar reputation as an actor in the Nollywood entertainment sector. He successfully managed to balance his responsibilities as a businessman, actor, content creator, fashion designer, and comedian; his journey is genuinely an inspiration to many.

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