Owobo Ogunde Biography: Age, Movies, Father, Net Worth

Owobo Ogunde’s Biography 

Owobo Ogunde, a film industry titan whose name is universally recognized for his charisma and skill, has made a lasting impact on the Nigerian film sector. Embark with us as we decipher the intriguing biography of this actor, who is 46 years old.

Owobo Ogunde’s Background

An Overview of Owobo Ogunde’s Family History:

Owobo Ogunde, who was born in 1978, is the youngest son of the renowned Nigerian theater pioneer Hubert Ogunde.

During the 1970s, Owobo demonstrated his acting ability at Glover Hall in Lagos by portraying Oriadekigbe in his father’s play “Aropin T’Enia.” At the age of 35, his first son further enriches the Ogunde dynasty.

Owobo Ogunde’s Filmography

Prominent titles from Owobo Ogunde’s filmography include “Aiye,” “Jaiyesimi,”  Aníkúlápó: Rise of the Spectre and “Ayanmo.” These films not only demonstrate his prowess as an actor but also make a valuable contribution to the diverse canvas of Nigerian cinema.

Owobo Ogunde Father 

The Ogunde family’s influence transcends the realm of film. Former Attorney General of Ogun State and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Mr. Oluwemimo Ogunde, was the father of Owobo. This illustrious heritage undoubtedly impacted Owobo’s trajectory as an actor and lawyer.

Why Hubert Ogunde Passed Away

Owobo’s father, Hubert Ogunde, met an untimely demise while filming “Mr. Johnson.” The chief descended into eternal rest at Cromwell Hospital in London on April 4, 1990, bequeathing Owobo with a lasting legacy.

Owobo Ogunde is a Wife

The personal life of Owobo Ogunde is intricately linked to that of Adetutu Ogunde, an accomplished lawyer and human rights activist. The union between them has developed into a loving family of four, which has added a touching element to Owobo’s story.


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Lagos, Nigeria is the birthplace of Owobo Ogunde, the Nigerian actor renowned for his performance as Bashorun in Aníkúlápó: Rise of the Spectre.

Having completed his studies at Igbobi College, he debuted his acting career in the realm of theater, making a lasting impact on numerous stage productions and motion pictures.

Owobo Ogunde, the progeny of the renowned theatrical manager, playwright, and actor Hubert Ogunde, has garnered praise for his multifaceted and engrossing portrayal in Aníkúlápó.

Owobo Ogunde Net Worth 

Owobo Ogunde has amassed a net worth of $500,000, the majority of which has been amassed through his acting career.

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